Marvel Contest of Champions: Are You Ready for Battlegrounds?

Are you ready?
Are you ready? Kabam

The fights in Marvel Contest of Champions just got even more interesting with the addition of the Battlegrounds mode. This 1v1 competitive mode has players create decks with their most powerful Champions and battle against each other.

Before we go look into some of the details about Battlegrounds, here are its key features:

  • Deck Builder with Multiple Deck Loadouts
    • Players can build a deck with their top 30 Champions to challenge fellow Summoners in a best-of-three all-out brawl.
  • ​Season/Ranked System
    • Advance through the Victory Track to reach the Gladiator Circuit for monthly seasons and top rewards.
  • Friendly Matches
    • Players can challenge friends in 1v1 matches with no entry cost.
    • They have to be on their friends list or in the alliance.


In Battlegrounds, each Summoner gets access to one deck, though it’s possible to get two more if they would like to expand. Each deck is composed of 30 of their best Champions, but these can be changed and swapped out at any time.

The deck can then be saved and sealed with a profile picture and name to allow for easy access in the future. The deck can be used in Victory Track, Gladiator Circuit, and Friendly Matches.

Victory Track

All Summoners start Battlegrounds on Victory Track, and the goal is to climb through Divisions to reach the Gladiator Circuit. It’s here where seasonal rewards become available.

To climb the Divisions of Victory Track, Summoners must acquire Victory Medals by winning Battlegrounds matches. Each win provides a Summoner with one Victory Medal while losing removes one Victory Medal. The good news is that Summoners cannot de-rank after they reach a new Division.

Gladiator’s Circuit

Once a Summoner reaches the Vibranium Division, they’re now eligible to join the Gladiator’s Circuit. Here, Summoners get the chance to push to the global leaderboard and achieve the top position each season. Everything resets at the end of every season, which means other Summoners have a chance to rise to the top.


Rewards in Battlegrounds come in different shapes, sizes, and currencies. It depends where Summoners are on Victory Track, the Gladiator Circuit, and what they choose to pick up in the Battlegrounds store.

Learn more about Battlegrounds here. Marvel Contest of Champions is available on Android and iOS.

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