Marvel Contest of Champions: Titania and Iron Man (Infamous) Heading to Battlerealm

It's science and technology.
It's science and technology. Kabam

Two new champions are coming to Marvel Contest of Champions, and they’re going to shake things up in Battlerealm. Titania is all set to arrive in-game this September 15. Meanwhile, Iron Man (Infamous) is taking things a bit slow as he makes his presence felt on September 29.

What’s the story of these two? Titania has teamed up with The Champion and has no qualms wreaking havoc across Battlerealm. It’s now up to She-Hulk to find a way to restrain her foe, and the good news is that she’s getting help from none other than Iron Man (Infamous).

A Result of Science

Mary MacPherran was once a scrawny and timid girl who was later recruited by Doctor Doom. As a result of Doom’s science, Mary turned into the strong and nigh-indestructible Titania. Now a formidable villain and super-powered bully, she’s always picking to prove just how strong she is. Her target is often her archrival, the She-Hulk.

In the game, Titania’s abilities include:

  • Smackdown
    • A combo of punishing hits addle the opponent and lay them out flat.
  • Rock 'Em Sock 'Em
    • A flurry of blows to the midsection and head leaves the opponent broken.
  • Give 'Em the Chair
    • Wallop the opponent and send them hurtling into the wall littered with debuffs.

It’s All About Tech

There was a time when Tony Stark lapsed into a coma. Following an epiphany on his possible calling in life, Dr. Victor Von Doom made the decision to take over the role of Iron Man. By putting on one of Stark’s suits, Doom became the Iron Man (Infamous) and used his knowledge about the supercriminal world to destroy it.

While he does have good intentions and is sincere in wanting to atone, his lack of social skills and what he’s done in the past made it impossible for some of the heroes to completely trust him.

When he arrives in the game, Iron Man (Infamous) will be bringing these skills:

  • Zero-Point Barrage
    • Slam opponents with a massive zero-point energy shockwave and a piercing repulsor beam.
  • Aerial Uni-Bombardment
    • Fire repulsor boots in the face of opponents and pulverize them with a uni-beam finish.
  • Wrath of Von Doom
    • As restraint cracks, opponents face the full wrath of Lord Doom.

Learn more about Marvel Contest of Champions here. The game is available on Android and iOS.

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