Mario Golf: Super Rush Arriving on Nintendo Switch June 25

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Nintendo announced that Mario Golf: Super Rush is launching on Switch on June 25. This is the latest addition to the Mario Golf series and offers a full-fledged golf experience. Making the game experience easier for players compared to its real-life versions is the combination of simple controls and intuitive shot gauge.

Mario Gold: Super Rush offers a solo golf experience as well as a multiplayer feature that lets a maximum of four players have fun.

The game lets players choose characters of the Mushroom Kingdom like Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and even Bowser. Each one brings something different so choose well to make the most of what the character has to offer.

Motion Controls

Moving forward to what the game has to offer, let’s start with an excellent technical feature. With the motion controls, players can hold the Joy-Con controller much like a golf club and then just swing it. This feature is sure to be fun for those who want to experience the feeling of playing actual golf or just looking for something different.

Almost like the real thing.
Almost like the real thing. Nintendo

Speed Golf

For many people, golf can be rather tiresome because of the time involved. But with Speed Golf, that’s not going to be the case. This mode allows all players to tee off at the same time and then they have to run through the course to hit the ball again. Rinse and repeat and make sure to finish the hole with the fewest hits. Then again, it’s not called Speed Golf for nothing.

Remember the goal is to have the fewest hits possible. That means in addition to taking the wind and terrain into consideration, players need to think on the fly. Players can either outrun their opponents or maybe use special shots to sabotage them.

Story Mode

Mario Gold: Super Rush also features a story. Here, the player’s Mii character takes on the role of a novice and rises through the ranks to compete against the best of what the Mushroom Kingdom has to offer. By going through practices and matches, players can earn experience points to level up and improve their skills.

Duke it out with the best.
Duke it out with the best. Nintendo

Mario Gold: Super Rush is priced at $59.99 and the preorder of the game is available here.

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