Mario Kart Tour 1st Anniversary Tour Kicks Off Worldwide

Time to celebrate.
Time to celebrate. Nintendo

It’s been a year since Mario Kart Tour was released, and that means it’s time for a party. The 1st Anniversary Tour has actually started and is set to last until October 21 at 1:59 AM ET. This limited-time event offers five city tracks and rewards players with rubies in the Mario Kart Tour Anniversary Challenges.

In Week 1 of the event, these drivers are going to be in the spotlight:

  • Pauline
    • Special Item: Lucky Seven
  • Mario (Hakama)
    • Special Item: Coin Box
  • Peach (Vacation)
    • Special Item: Coin Box
  • Walugi (Bus Driver)
    • Special Item: Triple Bananas
  • Rosalina (Aurora)
    • Special Item: Ice Flower

It’s worth noting that these drivers's favored courses are going to be the second course of each for the entire event. Meanwhile, for Week 2 the drivers in the spotlight are:

  • Peach (Kimono)
    • Special Item: Mushroom Cannon
  • Mario (Musician)
    • Special Item: Double Bob-ombs
  • Baby Rosaline (Detective)
    • Special Item: Dash Ring
  • Shy Guy (Pastry Chef)
    • Special Item: Mushroom Cannon
  • Wario (Hiker)
    • Special Item: Bob-omb Cannon

There are also Tour gifts, which include:

  • Luigi
  • Streamliner Kart
  • Bob-omb Parafoil glider

For players that have the Mario Kart Tour Gold Pass subscription and managed to earn enough Grand Stars, they also get these as Tour gifts:

  • Rosalina
  • Daisy
  • Birthday Girl Daisy Kart
  • Soda Jet Kart
  • Goomba Hanafuda Glider

Mario Kart Tour is a kart racing game released for both Android and iOS. It was originally announced in January 2018 and released in September 2019. This is the fourteenth entry in the Mario Kart franchise and features biweekly downloadable themed tours with different cups. Each cup has three courses along with a bonus challenge. The courses in this new game are a mix of those that appeared in previous game as well as those located in real cities around the world.

Mario Kart Tour is free-to-play, although there are in-game purchases.

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