Marauders: New POI Introduced in United Allies Update and It's Massive

New POI: Colony Cruiser
New POI: Colony Cruiser Steam

Marauders, the tactical first-person shooter developed by Small Impact Games where you play as a space pirate, has not received a major content patch in a while. But that has changed with the release of the United Allies update, now on Steam.

What’s New

There is plenty to unpack in the new United Allies update for Marauders. This patch is headlined by a new POI called the Colony Cruiser, a massive ship with insane defenses. If you think that getting inside is like a walk in the park, think again!

The Colony Cruiser is heavily fortified, complete with turrets on the outside ready to shoot at you without a moment’s notice. Furthermore, it is constantly moving, which may necessitate finding it again if you get killed.

The United Allies update also brought one of the features that the community has been clamoring for, Space Salvaging! Now, you can blow up a Breach Pod as it’s trying to escape, allowing you to loot its contents that you would have previously missed out on.

If you are the competitive type, this patch introduced the new Tournaments System as well. Rise to the top of the ranks to win compelling prizes, such as Supply Drops and Cosmetics!

In addition, the game finally has a voice chat feature six months after it was launched on Steam Early Access! Take note that VoIP is disabled by default, so you would have to turn it on in the settings menu if you want to use it.

Here are the other noteworthy additions to Marauders:

  • U.A. Marine enemies (Marines and Medics)
  • U.A. Marine cosmetic unlock set (3 heads and 3 bodies)
  • Heavy M1 Helmet Item
  • Sherman Rig and Plate Armor Items
  • Explosive Barrels and Cans
  • Penal Colony Camera System
  • Breakable Barriers
  • Weapon Detectors
  • Operating Furnace
  • Barbed Wire Traps
  • Electric Cables Traps
  • Fire Traps
  • Flash, Smoke and Scrap Bombs
  • Grenade Box Supply Crate
  • 6 New Linear Missions (Zero to Hero)
  • Ship Recipes/Craftables
  • 8 New Trades and 2 New Characters
  • Ration and Medkit Vending Machines
  • China Lake GL
  • Mini Thumper GL
  • 40mm Ammo Type
  • Stoner 63 Rifle
  • 20 Ship Variants with “hard set” turrets, customisation disabled.
  • Duel 25mm Turret, Daul Large Rocket Turret and the 75mm Turret
  • Ship Trader
  • Unlockable Voice Packs
  • Inbox Message System
  • Tactical Walk (Default Keybind: Left Alt)
  • Spice: New item that temporarily blocks stamina use.
  • M16 scope craftable item

Marauders United Allies update is now available on PC.

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