Marauders: Prepare to Battle the Red Baron in Latest Update

Red Baron Update
Red Baron Update Twitter/@PlayMarauders

Step aside, space pirates! There’s a new boss in Marauders that you should not trifle with in the Red Baron Update.

The Red Baron is a new and terrifying boss in Marauders found in the new Strike Frigate ship. Before you can come face to face with him, you have to first disable his ship’s defenses. But you have to be careful when honing in because he will use his frigate’s defense systems to shoot you down.

Once you get inside, you’ll find that the ship has a very dim ambiance, with only the red emergency lighting illuminating the vast majority of the place.

Now, the Red Baron is no slouch because he’s wearing a new type of armor called Blast Armor. This armor piece mitigates damage from shots fired by another ship. The good thing is that if you defeat him, you will have a chance of obtaining one for yourself.

Aside from the new boss, the Red Baron Update also adds other new content and gameplay changes. For instance, you can get your hands on the new L1A1 Assault Rifle. It’s equipped with a 300 Magnum cartridge, which makes this weapon ideal for medium-to-long-range engagements.

Now, there’s something important that you should know about the Red Baron Update. Developer Small Impact Games cited that all of the progress you’ve made is wiped with the release of this patch. The company said that this was necessary because there are new systems and gameplay features that require resetting everything back to zero to avoid any potential issues.

It is also worth noting that all of your custom settings and keybinds are reset back to default, so you may want to dive into the options menu after updating to adjust them as you see fit.


  • Red Baron Boss (5 Loadout variations)
  • Baron head and body unlockable cosmetic
  • Strike Frigate (Red Baron's personal Frigate)
  • Increased Locations per Raid (up to 3 raid locations can now spawn in space)
  • Maximum 40-player server capacity, up to 10 crews.
  • 40% Increase to the Space map size.
  • Raid Missions (Raids provide players up to 3 missions to complete, rewarding faction XP)
  • Market Trades (Replacing daily contracts). These will refresh every 24 hours and will contain trades for potentially rare loot!
  • M712 special variant chambered in .45 ACP with a 20-round capacity.
  • Suppressor for the M712 pistol and the M712 special.
  • L1A1 Extended Mag and L1A1 Compensator
  • Flak Vests now have Blast Armor value
  • Pods are now targeted by A.I. Ships and Turrets.
  • Zero to hero campaign now gives more pirate faction XP, enough to get the player to level 10 of the pirate faction when the missions are complete.
  • Cosmetics outside the basic raider set have had their cost increased. Cosmetics that were missing their requirements now have them

Marauders Red Baron Update is available on PC.

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