Marauders: November “Health Patch” Brings Plenty of Improvements

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Marauders is a first-person looter shooter where you play as a space mercenary called a Marauder. The game is set in an alternate 1990s scenario where the Great War never ended and most of the earth’s population is fleeing to the stars in search of anything worth salvaging. You can embark on daring raids alone or you can work with a team of three other players to survive in intense combat encounters. The basic premise here is to raid, loot, escape, and of course, survive.

Developer Small Impact Games recently launched a new update for Marauders called the November Health Patch. The update is called such because of the many quality-of-life improvements implemented.

For instance, you can now adjust the game’s field of view up to a maximum of 100. Setting the FOV high enough will allow you to see more stuff on the screen.

Additionally, the ESC key has been improved. You can now use it to close certain menus, including the leaderboard, support ticket, guide, daily contracts, and ship management interface with a quick keystroke.

For balancing adjustments, all submachine guns (SMGs) have their recoil slightly increased. This change is possibly intended to discourage people from holding down the fire button until the weapon needs to be reloaded.

Aside from that, all armor and helmets in Marauders, except for a few items such as Leather Jerkin, Civilian Helmet, and Pouch Rig, have been buffed by 20%.

Patch Notes

  • Webley Pistol
  • EM-2 battle rifle
  • Locked Depot for the Navy Outpost
  • Locked Depot for Penal Colony
  • Sten attachments; Muzzle Brake, Drum Mag, and Wooden Stock
  • Additional Daily Contract missions, bringing the total to 42
  • Single loot spawners have had their physics disabled to prevent loot penetrating collision/spawning outside of the play area
  • Added map cycling to prevent too much map repetition
  • Players now receive a Marauder Kill for destroying a Breacher Pod
  • Can now have lean set to toggle
  • Air control: most weapons now have a larger spread and recoil whilst jumping. Some weapons have their spread only increased a little where it makes sense e.g. the viper mk1, shotguns, and pistols.
  • Navy Commandos and their Major can spawn in any raid location except for the navy outpost.
  • Crews are automatically locked but you can set it to be unlocked via the creation of the crew.
  • A siren alarm can now be heard when a breach occurs inside a ship.
  • Reinforced Anti-Cheat
  • The headshot damage multiplier is now 3x rather than 3.5x
  • Sten suppressor now requires fabric alongside metal scrap
  • Sten suppressors does 2 extra damage instead of 1
  • Large first aid kit’s healing amount has been increased by 35%
  • Heavy caliber weapon damage has been increased by around 15%, except SVT40, Johnson, and the Mosin pistol which have had their damage reduced.
  • “Top brass” mission requirements are now 8 instead of 10
  • “Become Infamous” mission has been re-balanced to include more targets.
  • M45-k is the only SMG to receive a damage buff.

The full changelog can be found here.

Marauders is available on PC.

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