League of Legends: Wild Rift Patch 3.5b Buffs Giant Slayer and Sudden Impact

Patch 3.5b
Patch 3.5b Riot Games

Riot Games deployed the last update for League of Legends: Wild Rift this year with Patch 3.5b, which also implements some balancing changes to certain champions and runes.

Before anything, you can now play as Lillia in Wild Rift. The Bashful Bloom, as she is called, will use her magical branch to deal damage to her foes.

So, What Has Changed?

Dr. Mundo has abilities that allow him to go wherever he pleases, but he still needs some buffs to make him more competent in Baron Lane. Thus, the damage of his Infected Bonesaw against monsters has increased considerably to 250/350/450/550, up from 125/200/275/350. Besides that, the cooldown of Heart Zapper is reduced by three seconds on all levels.

Braum has been killing it lately. In fact, he had a high pick rate in the past couple of weeks, with a sudden spike in win rate not long ago. According to the Wild Rift dev team, they’re bringing some of his stats down to make him on par with other support champions. For this reason, his base attack damage and base armor values have received a four-point reduction, which means they’re now set at 54 and 46, respectively.

Now, for some rune changes. Giant Slayer’s trigger condition has been changed so that its maximum effect only applies to champions with high bonus HP. As a result, this rune now deals up to 14% bonus damage when the enemy champion has 700 bonus health.

Sudden Impact has also become more impactful with recent adjustments. For one, the armor and magic resistance penetration bonus granted by this rune has increased from 10 to 13. The duration is increased to four seconds as well, up from three seconds previously. These tweaks make the rune more appealing to champions who have just exited stealth or have recently used any dash or movement ability.

Patch Notes

  • Judgment
    • Base damage: 9/12/15/18 > 11/14/17/20
    • Total base damage for all ticks: 72/96/120/144 > 88/112/136/160
    • Outer edge critical multiplier: 125/130/135/140% > 135/140/145/150%
  • Null Sphere
    • Base damage: 70/135/200/265 > 80/145/210/275
    • Cooldown: 11/10/9/8s > 10/9/8/7s
  • The Darkin Scythe
    • Shadow Assassin bonus damage: 10~38% > 14~42%
  • Blade’s Reach
    • Shadow Assassin cast time: 0.55s > 0.4s
Nunu & Willump
  • Consume
    • Healing Ability Power ratio: 60% > 70%
  • Snowball Barrage
    • Ability Power ratio per snowball: 4% > 5%
    • Max snowball Ability Power ratio: 68% > 85%
  • Absolute Zero
    • Shield Ability Power ratio: 150% > 180%
  • Base Stats:
    • Armor per level: 3.9 > 4.5
    • Health regeneration: 10.5 > 12
  • Valor
    • Shield Attack Damage ratio: 100% > 90%
  • Inspiration: Pathfinder
    • When out of combat, recover missing health/mana per second: 0.6% > 1%

League of Legends: Wild Rift Patch 3.5b is available on Android and iOS.

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