Latest Datamine Reveals New Apex Legends Hero Blisk, Abilities Leaked

Datamining Apex Legends has uncovered Blisk, a new playable character expected to launch in Season 3.
Datamining Apex Legends has uncovered Blisk, a new playable character expected to launch in Season 3. Respawn Entertainment

The latest Apex Legends datamining efforts have revealed yet another new hero that has yet to make its to way to the game, but apparently, some folks may already be familiar with him.

In a video uploaded by That1MiningGuy - who, if you’ve been keeping up do date with Apex Legends leaks, is one of the most reliable dataminers in the community - he explains in depth how he uncovered Kuben Blisk coming to Apex Legends.

For those of you who’ve played the Titanfall games (also by Respawn Entertainment), it’s the very same Kuben Blisk that you meet in the first one and (spoiler alert!) becomes one of the main antagonists in Titanfall 2. In the Titanfall games, Blisk is a mercenary known for creating the Apex Games, which is the premise behind the game we know as Apex Legends.

That1MiningGuy also claims to have uncovered Blisk’s in-game abilities, which seem to support a very aggressive and ruthless playstyle. According to the datamine, Blisk’s passive ability will be Interrogation, which allows him to execute enemies to reveal their allies’ exact locations for 10 seconds. His tactical ability, Throwing Knife, deals damage and marks the target for a credit bounty to be used together with his ultimate, Payday, which lets players earn credits for squad kills and spend those credits to purchase supplies.

With another to-be-revealed character having already been leaked, we now know of two potential candidates to show up in Apex Legends Season 3. Apart from Blisk, we also have Crypto, who the community has been aware of for quite a while now. Some fans have even developed theories that Season 3 will be themed around a showdown between the two new characters.

What do you think about the latest datamine revealing Blisk as a new hero in Apex Legends? If the rumors are right, will you fight as Blisk or as Crypto in Apex Legends’ upcoming Season 3? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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