Apex Legends Shares Overview On Events Structure

Learn more about the events.
Learn more about the events. Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends provided an overview of the three types of events that players can expect. These include Season Launches, Collection Events, and Themed Events. Apex Legends Director of Product Management Lee Horn shared that the goal for these events is to add new ways to play in order to keep the game both fresh and exciting for all players.

Season Launches

At the beginning of every season, players can expect a major update to the map along with new loot items and a new Legend. Significant changes are also going to be implemented to the Legend along with weapon meta and balance. Apex Legends is also going to update the Ranked mode every season and even introduce new features. Finally, each new season is going to have a brand-new Battle Pass.

Themed Events

Themed events usually happen during the season and come with a limited-time mode and event challenges that allows players to earn cosmetics. There is also going to be mix of event limited and evergreen cosmetics that players can buy directly. Events include, among others, a small map change or town takeover. It also brings with it potential extensions to the Apex Legends lore. An example of a Themed Event is the Legendary Hunt. The next event is set for early September and focuses on a certain Phase Expert.

Collection Events

Collection Events also take place throughout the season. These events also deliver a limited-time mode and event challenges. In addition to earning cosmetics, players also earn a set of event limited cosmetics that are available through Event-specific Apex Packs or direct purchase. Like Themed Events, Collection Events could also feature a town takeover or small map change.

Aside from giving an overview of the events Horn also revealed that they received a lot of fan feedback related to the Iron Crown Collection Event. Horn said that the developers at Respawn are listening to the feedback. Another Collection Event is planned for October and before that event, Apex Legends is going to share how they are making changes to the event.

Horn reminded everyone that they are also always working on new features, bug fixes, balance changes, and quality of life improvements that are released in periodic patch updates.

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