Rumor: The Next Apex Legends Hero Is Crypto

Season 3's new legend is most likely going to be Crypto.
Season 3's new legend is most likely going to be Crypto. Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends' Ice Crown event has just finished, and players are asking 'what's next?' Well, thanks to yet another leak from the GameStop Conference 2019, we now know who's next in line to join the Apex roster. Expected to show up in King's Canyon circa Apex Legends Season 3 is most likely going to be Crypto.

First appearing in the Season 2 trailer for Apex Legends, Crypto has been depicted as a hacker-techie character with a massive cyberpunk vibe going for him. Details of the leak were described in-depth in this article from Games Radar. Dataminers and some Apex Legends enthusiasts have known about Crypto for a while now, but the most recent evidence points to him being the next character up for release.

Of course, everything about Crypto so far has been highly-plausible speculation. Neither EA nor Respawn Entertainment has confirmed Crypto as a new hero, but if it's anything like Season 1 or Season 2, then Crypto may as well be confirmed. After all, both the Octane leak in Season 1 and the Wattson leak in Season 2 turned out to be right.

Hopefully, a unique and exciting new character might help the game bounce back from the microtransaction-related community backlash it received over the Ice Crown Collection event. The Season 1 Battle Pass barely had anything interesting to motivate players, and Season 2's Ice Crown Collection event had some great stuff that was locked behind a nearly $200 paywall. Granted, Respawn Entertainment has offered up its apologies and its promises to do better, so Season 3 might be the best place for the community to look forward to.

Other Apex Legends-related leaks from the GameStop Conference include a new weapon and new skin for Gibraltar. The new weapon is going to be the Charge Rifle, which was borrowed from Respawn's other hit title, Titanfall. The new cosmetic item, on the other hand, has Gibraltar garbed up as Frankenstein, suggesting that a few more Halloween-related skins might be on the way. Fans are hoping that Season 3, which is expected to start in October, will be themed around Halloween and come with horror-themed cosmetic items for all the playable characters.

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