Last Epoch: Beta Patch 0.8.5b Balancing Changes to Fiery Dragon Shoes and Ravenous Void

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Certain uniques have received some balancing changes in Last Epoch’s latest update, especially the Fiery Dragon Shoes and the Ravenous Void. Beta Patch 0.8.5b also brings adjustments to certain skills.

The Fiery Dragon Shoes is a unique pair of greaves that casts a fire trail when you are critically hit. That said, the chance for it to trigger has been reduced to just 25% to 35% (from 40% to 50%). However, it is still high considering that it now grants a 5% to 15% increased chance to receive a critical blow.

Now, the Ravenous Void is an interesting one. This unique pair of gloves grants a Void Barrier every five seconds that stacks up to three times. Void Barriers, for those who don’t know, grant 5% less damage taken per stack.

Anyway, the stacks of Void Barriers are now doubled for three seconds when you drop below your Endurance Threshold. After which, all stacks are converted to Mimic Feast - a damaging ailment that disables health leech and Void Barrier generation. This ailment lasts for 15 seconds but can be cleansed. It is worth noting that the Ravenous Void no longer induces Time Rot because it has been effectively replaced by Mimic Feast.

Balancing Changes

Fiery Dragon Shoes
  • No longer grants 50% to 75% fire resistance
  • Now grants 75% to 85% less bonus damage taken from critical strikes
  • Ignite inflicted by Fire Trail no longer has 20% reduced effect and 60% reduced duration
Ravenous Void
  • Void Barrier conversion now always procs when you drop below your endurance threshold, even if you are immediately raised above it by an effect such as Aurora's Time Glass
  • Grants 10% to 15% of physical damage taken as void
  • Grants 10% to 15% less void damage taken
  • Grants 5% to 10% increased health
  • Grants 5 to 10 Vitality
Torkrefin’s Hunger
  • Consuming a stack of Viscera now grants 5% bleed chance and 1% increased bleed effectiveness per 5% uncapped physical resistance
  • Fixed the “increased bleed effect” from its non-Viscera mod being multiplicative with other sources of increased bleed effect
  • Now also grants 100% to 150% melee bleed chance to compensate
Acid Flask
  • Added a new node that gives Acid Flask additional poison penetration based on your uncapped poison resistance
  • Now states that it has 60% added damage effectiveness
Acid Flask: Cluster Bomb
  • No longer gives armor shred, which was not listed in its description
  • Now states that it has 50% added damage effectiveness (this is just a description change)
  • Increased base damage by 25%; its base damage now aligns with its added damage effectiveness of 50%
  • Fixed a bug where its damaging area would sometimes occur in incorrect locations
  • Fusillade now adds 12 to channel cost

The full patch notes can be found on Last Epoch’s official Steam page.

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