Last Epoch: Depths of Eterra Update Adds Soulfire Bastion and Lightless Arbor Dungeons

Depths of Eterra
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Depths of Eterra is the latest content update for Last Epoch. Patch 0.8.5 adds two new dungeons to the game, including the Soulfire Bastion and Lightless Arbor. There’s also the Arena of Champions where you face the once Champions of Eterra and gain some really good rewards.

New Dungeons

The Soulfire Bastion is the second dungeon in the game. It can be accessed through the Felled Wood and just like the Temporal Sanctum, you will need a key to enter. Here, you will have access to the Soulfire Shield - a dungeon-specific ability that provides immunity to Fire and Necrotic damage types. Changing the attunement costs you one Soul Ember, which you can get from killing enemies inside the Soulfire Bastion.

After defeating the final boss, Fire Lich Cremorus, you can spend the Soul Embers you’ve collected on the Soul Gambler. The Soul Gambler offers specific items with the possibility of them being any global drop (rare, exalted, unique, or set). Any unspent Soul Embers will be lost upon leaving the dungeon, so do keep that in mind.

Situated deep under the mountains, the Lightless Arbor is Last Epoch’s third dungeon. You'll have access to the Pyre Amber while you’re inside, giving you much-needed light and weakening enemies around you as well. The Pyre Amber loses some light radius when you take damage, though you can restore it by killing Amber Elementals.

Completing the Lightless Arbor gives you access to the Vaults of Uncertain Fate. According to the developers, this is a good way for you to spend all of your unused gold.

You can learn about the Vaults of Uncertain Fate here.

Arena of Champions

Arena of Champions
Arena of Champions Eleventh Hour Games

The Champions Gate, located in the frozen North of Heoborea, has a new portal that teleports you to the Endless Arena or the newly added Arena of Champions.

During an Arena of Champions run, you will be presented with options for modifiers three times. The modifiers are applied to the next waves of enemies and also influence the items you get at the end. Furthermore, Tier 2 and Tier 4 Arena of Champions runs have a rotating modifier similar to dungeons.

So, what can you say about the new content in the Depths of Eterra update for Last Epoch?

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