Last Epoch: Beta Update 0.8.4e Applies Changes to Temporal Sanctum

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The previous content patch for Last Epoch introduced the Temporal Sanctum, the game’s first-ever dungeon. The recent Update 0.8.4e applies some changes to the said dungeon, specifically to the uniques dropped Chronomancer Julra. This beta patch also introduces new equipment affixes for the Primalist and Rogue.

Chronomancer Julra awaits you at the end of the Temporal Sanctum. Defeating her will not only grant you access to the Eternity Cache but also give you one of the four uniques specific to her. Here are the things that you can expect:

  • Each dungeon tier introduces a new unique to the pool of uniques she may drop.
  • The unique always has at least 1 legendary potential.
  • The unique is always accompanied by a matching exalted item with four affixes.
  • For slots with class-specific items, the matching exalted item is always compatible with your class.

You can use the Unique equipment she drops to craft Legendary items via the Eternity Cache.

Anyway, when you use the Druid’s Swarmblade form, Dive now scales with movement speed, much quicker to use. Moreover, manually summoning Locusts is faster now as its cast speed is increased by 33%.

Update 0.8.4e Highlights

  • Added a new body armor prefix: Level of Swarmblade Form and increased damage while transformed
  • Added a new body armor prefix: Armour Shred Chance for Locusts
  • Added a new body armor prefix: Level of Upheaval and increased melee damage
  • Added a new body armor prefix: Critical Strike Chance with Rampage
  • Added a new helmet prefix: Increased Attack and Cast Speed for Summoned Vines
  • Added a new relic prefix: Level of Umbral Blades and increased throwing damage
  • Added a new ornate (4x1) idol prefix: Increased Damage with Umbral Blades per stack of Dusk Shroud
  • Roots of Vithrasil’s spirit thorns projectile bonus now only apply while immobilized to prevent snapshotting abuse. It can now drop again
  • Primal Squirrels now have a unique minion icon at the top left of the screen
  • Druid
    • Force of Nature now properly states that it grants added melee and spell physical damage, instead of adaptive spell damage. This is only a tooltip change
    • Force of Nature node now also adds 25% armor shred chance for Locusts as an 8 point bonus
  • Improved the performance and reduced the visual noise of Ice Bite, which is used by Primal Wolf companions and Frozen Wolf enemies
  • Fixed a bug that caused the monster mod restrictions to be ignored. For example, Rare Void Horrors could have the Summons Ethereal Reflections mod in 0.8.4, which was not intended
  • Likely fixed a bug where Elder Erza would sometimes not spawn at the end of Last Refuge Outskirts
  • Fixed Locusts getting stuck after spawning in certain situations

You can read the full patch notes by heading to the game’s official website.

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