Koumajou Remilia: Scarlet Symphony Getting Physical Edition for Nintendo Switch

A good title to add to your collection. CFK

A physical version of Koumajou Remilia: Scarlet Symphony for Nintendo Switch is arriving soon in North America. The game is already available in the region after it was launched on PC through Steam and Nintendo Switch. With this, more players should be able to get their hands on the game. No actual release date has been revealed but it will be announced soon by Limited Run Games, the official distributor for the region.

As part of this upcoming release, game publisher CFK revealed new key visuals expected to rejuvenate the game's overall atmosphere while putting the characters in a new light. You can watch these new visuals through the trailer below:

The Remaster

Koumajou Remilia: Scarlet Symphony is a remaster of Koumajou Densetsu: Scarlet Symphony released in 2022 for PC and Nintendo Switch. This 2D side-scrolling action game features characters from the Touhou Project.

The game focuses on the main character named Reimu Hakurei, who is currently heading to the Scarlet Devil Castle to discover the cause of a mysterious event plaguing Gensokyo. The title is loved by many players for its dark atmosphere and character design, courtesy of popular illustrator Banpai Akira. It goes without saying that the audio not only matches the mood but also completes the gaming experience.

The Voice Cast

One feature that the remaster has over the original is being fully-voiced by popular voice actresses:

  • Reimu Hakurei (Voiced by: Rina Sato)
  • Marisa Kirisame (Voiced by: Ryoko Shintani)
  • Remilia Scarlet (Voiced by: Eri Kitamura)
  • Sakuya Izayoi (Voiced by: Miyuki Sawashiro)
  • Cirno (Voiced by: Aoi Yuki)
  • Hong Meiling (Voiced by: Satomi Sato)
  • Patchouli Knowledge (Voiced by: Noriko Rikimaru)
  • Alice Margatroid (Voiced by: Haruka Tomatsu)
  • Suika Ibuki (Voiced by: Miho Okasaki)

Other Improvements

Another improvement over the original title is Suika Ibuki. While this "oni" waits for the main character as a mid-stage boss, she can join up as a partner and lend her skills. Other new features like achievements, unlockables to collect, and the "Extra Easy" mode are included as well.

Get Koumajou Remilia: Scarlet Symphony digitally through Steam and Nintendo eStore.

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