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The calm before the storm. XSEED Games

XSEED Games released the opening cinematic for its upcoming action RPG Silent Hope. The opening movie is done through anime and accompanied with the title track by Kami Wa Saikoro Wo Furanai. The game is launching worldwide in October on PC via Steam. There's also a Nintendo Switch version coming to North America and Europe.

The opening cinematic shows the seven heroes having some downtime at base camp before they go on an adventure into the Abyss and fight the many enemies lurking in its depths. You can watch it below:

Meet the Band

The song that accompanies the opening movie is all thanks to the Japanese rock band who has Shuusaku Yanagita on vocals, Kiichi Yoshida on guitar, Gaku Kiriki on bass, and Ryousuke Kurokawa on drums. The original song complements the wordless world of the game and sets up players for a dangerous journey that lies ahead.

In a statement, lead singer Shuusaku Yanagita shared that he's always loved RPGs and how it's about taking things at the player's pace. He revealed that when he was asked to write the game's theme song, his eyes lit up as if he was a kid again.

The vocalist went on to say that the game's story and themes are like an antithesis to the social media society of today. He said that he hopes the game's message and their song reach not only those in Japan but also players from around the world.

A Nostalgic Feel

Silent Hope brings players back to the days of isometric dungeon-crawlers but with modern features. They take on the role of seven heroes, each having their own fighting style, unique weapon, and non-combat job. Once they're done fighting and collecting materials from the Abyss, players can return back to the base camp to rest for the next adventure and craft items and improve gear. The use of randomized layouts ensures that every journey into the Abyss is a fresh experience.

Preorders for the physical Day One edition are now available for $49.99. This one comes with an artbook and the official soundtrack. The standalone base game is priced at $39.99.

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