Launch Dates for Touhou: New World Revealed

Looks like the wait won't be that long. XSEED Games

We finally have the release dates for the upcoming game Touhou: New World. It's arriving in North America and Europe July 13 on Nintendo Switch. Then, it's launching in these same regions September 12 on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Players not in those regions will get a worldwide release on July 13 for the PC version.

Different Editions

The game is available on supported platforms digitally with the standard edition priced at $24.99. Meanwhile, for the PC version, a digital deluxe edition is offered for $34.77 and it comes with an artbook and a digital soundtrack. PC players also have the option to buy them separately with the digital artbook priced at $4.99 and the soundtrack at $9.99.

The Supernatural World

Touhou: New World brings players back to the supernatural world Gensokyo, a place where humans and spirits called as youkai call it their home. While life here is not perfect, it's remained relatively uneventful. This all changes when the mystical barrier that protects it has been breached by an outsider who's obsessed with the supernatural realm and wants to bring chaos to Gensokyo and the world beyond.

It's now up to the shrine maiden Reimu, along with her magician friend Marisa, to learn more about what this chaos is all about and bring back peace to both worlds. Along the way, they'll need to dodge barrages of magical bullets and fight against an assortment of mystical creatures.

Game Features

Key features of game include:

  • Shrine Maiden Skills and Magician Moves
    • Enemies can release fountains of projectiles but players can counter it by:
      • Dealing heavy damage with spell cards.
      • Giving out powerful blows with exorcism sticks.
      • Slowing attacks with well-timed guards.
  • Get to Know Gensokyo
    • Help friendly Gensokyo residents by:
      • Finding lost souls.
      • Investigating strange areas.
      • Engaging in mock battles.
    • Players are rewarded handsomely and could even learn a tip or two to help them in their quest.
  • Customizable Action
    • Reimu and Marisa can be customized to suit nearly any playstyle.
    • Their skills can be leveled up through use in battle.
    • Their essential stats like health and attack power can be upgraded to help them overcome the odds.
  • Don't Forget to Accessorize
    • Every weapon, piece of armor, and accessory found has randomized stats.
    • Mix and match to make the most of them or reforge equipment to get the perfect combination.

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