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The very first map of Apex Legend is coming back. Kings Canyon was the only map that we could play in Season 1 and 2, but has since been replaced with a new map. The iconic map went through many changes throughout its lifetime, from more added areas to massive beasts stomping around. However, it was replaced by a new map called World’s Edge in Season 3.

The map returns today, February 21, and will be playable until February 24. This isn’t the first time that King’s Canyon found its way back to the game. A few months ago, a Halloween version of the map called Abandoned Night Kings Canyon was introduced in the game. In the recent Grand Soiree arcade event, a night version of the map was also playable for two days. However, this time you will play on the original version of Kings Canyon. No night mode, no Halloween, just the original map. The map returns to the state before it was changed by the giant dinosaurs or the EMP blast (looking at you, Crypto).

Don’t be upset if you are busy this weekend and won’t be able to play. Kings Canyon will return again in the second half of Season 4. Your rank will go through a soft reset and you will be able to rank up again on the classic map.

Kings Canyon is considered a better map than its replacement by the community. Personally, I also prefer the original map. While both maps provide long range and close quarters combat, it’s clear that World’s Edge is more sniper oriented while King’s Canyon has several CQC oriented areas. As much as I like spamming my Charge Rifle or Kraber across the map, I would rather get up close and personal with my trusty R99 or Peacekeeper. I can already feel how many times I am going to die in Bunker again.

So what do you think? Are you excited about Kings Canyon making a return into the game? What is the first place that you are going to drop? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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