Duos Returning To Apex Legends For Valentine's Day

Apex Legends Valentine's Event
Apex Legends Valentine's Event Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends is currently in its fourth season and is a fun game to hop on a Saturday evening while relaxing with your mates or loved ones. Speaking of, Apex Legends is getting into the Valentine's Day spirit by bringing back its Duos game mode. This mode forgoes the traditional three-player squads for two-player squads.

Additionally, Apex Legends is hosting a separte Valentine's Day event called Rendezvous. Everyone who logs in during the Valentine’s event will get a badge and two new charms. The badge can be equipped in-game as part of your banner.

The two charms are the Nessie charm and the Pathfinder "lovefinder" charm. The latter looks like Pathfinder, if he was wearing a Cupid outfit. To get the Nessie charm, players will need to log in between February 11 and February 14. The Lovefinder charm is available from February 15 to February 18.

The Through the Heart skin for the Longbow DMR and the Love of the Game banner from last year's Valentine's event are also discounted in the Apex Store. If you missed them during the last event you can get them now. The Apex Legends Valentine's Day event runs from February 11 through February 18. As the event goes live today, make sure you choose your partner well.

In case you missed out on the fun the last time it was around, Duos mode is almost the same as the three-stack game, but with two people against the world. It will be a limited-time event that runs for one week. Even though it is short there are lots of Valentine’s related loot and badges to score. Apex Legends developer Respawn is also giving out a "Double Up" booster that allows you to level up twice as fast (up to 20,000 XP) and hit the level you've wanted to grind to while flexing all the perks.

So, what are your thoughts on this new game mode? Do you think that it’s a great move toward bringing more diversity in the game? Personally, I think that the event needs to last much longer, as Duos mode is fun. Whatever your thoughts may be, let us know in the comments below.

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