10 Tips To Dominate With Revenant In Apex Legends

Apex Legends Revenant
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The Season 4 Assimilation Patch Notes for Apex Legends broke down all the changes and updates that are coming to the popular Battle Royale. However, it didn't talk much about the new Legend, Revenant. So, I jumped into Apex Legends as soon as the Season 4 update dropped and began exploring all the possibilities of playing as Revenant. As a result, I came up with 10 of the best tips that can help you to dominate the World's Edge with Revenant.

1. Revenant Can Swap Weapons When Using His Tactical Ability

When using Revenant's tactical ability, his left arm stops holding the weapon and acts as a grenade launcher. Most people would think that when Revenant's arm is not touching a weapon, it is not possible to swap weapons. However, this not the case. You can still swap between your primary and secondary weapons while using Revenant's tactical ability.

2. Revenant Can Aim Down Sights When Using His Tactical Ability

In addition to swapping weapons when using Revenant's tactical ability, you can also aim down sights when firing your weapon. Aiming down sights also allows you to be more accurate when throwing the "Silence" device.

3. Revenant Can Use Ordnances Whilst Using His Tactical Ability

Revenant can combine an Arc Star, Frag Grenade, or Thermite Grenade with his tactical ability. This tactic will surprise the heck out of your enemies and deal massive damage. Combined with the Death Totem, and you are an absolute nightmare to deal with.

4. Revenant Can Cancel His Tactical Ability By Pressing The Melee Button

If you change your mind from using Revenant's Tactical ability, you can do so by pressing the melee button to exit out of the animation.

5. Revenant Can Crouch Walk Faster Than You Think

Although Revenant's passive ability is that he can climb walls higher and crouch walk faster, the latter, of course, can be underestimated. Upon testing Revenant's crouch and walk speeds, I found little to no difference between the two. Now if you didn't know, crouch walking in Apex Legends is super OP. Enemies cannot hear your footsteps when you're crouch walking, allowing you to sneak up on your foes like the nightmare you are.

6. Revenant's Ultimate Death Totem Ability Lasts Only 30 Seconds

Revenant's Death Totem Ultimate ability allows you, your teammates, and enemies to enter the shadow form. When in shadow form, you will not die upon being killed by enemies, but will return to the totem with one health. However, it is important to know that Revenant's Ultimate ability only lasts for 30 seconds. So, you and your teammates must use it as soon as the ability is activated.

7. When In Shadow Mode, You Can Take Only 100 Damage Before Returning To The Totem

What's interesting about Revenant's Ultimate ability is that once anyone enters the shadow form through the totem, they take a total of 100 damage to their health before returning to the totem. No shield damage is inflicted when in shadow mode. On the flip side, you cannot use health items whilst in shadow mode and you can't climb walls as you did in the Fight of Fright event.

8. Revenant's Death Totem Can Be Destroyed

Revenant's Death Totem can be destroyed with just three or four bullets or explosives, and if you are not careful with your totem placements, enemies can easily destroy it. If the totem is destroyed, you and your squadmates will run out of the shadow form and will be left with no free respawn.

9. Caustic Is A Great Counter To Revenant's Death Totem

Placing Caustic's gas traps at Revenant's Death Totem will always guarantee a down when an enemy respawns back to the Death Totem with one health. So, if you're playing as Caustic and spot an enemy Revenant's Death Totem, you can place your gas traps near it to surprise your enemies.

10. Revenant Can Climb Most Buildings In The Game

Revenant's Passive ability allows him to climb walls higher, but the game doesn't tell that you can climb most buildings in the game without having to use the rappel. Moreover, climbing walls is a lot more silent than rappeling, allowing you to surprise your enemies out of nowhere.

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