Kingdoms Update 0.653 Brings New Gameplay Features, Patch Notes Here

New Kingdoms update
New Kingdoms update steam

Kingdoms Update 0.653 went live yesterday, and it was quite important. The previously announced Siege update is finally here, however, Siege towers and rams are still missing. Some of the other highlights of the update include the ability for swords and other weapons to destroy barricades and gates. The attacking army will now be able to kill civilians, and both the attacker and the defender side will properly react to each other.

There are also tons of bug fixes in the Kingdoms 0.653 update. You can learn all about it over here.

Kingdoms Update 0.653 Patch Notes


  • Fixed issue when settler could still receive a damage after siege is over
  • Fixed issue when settlers list was calculated incorrect sometimes after loading the game
  • Fixed issue when settler could join the settlement when being very far away from it
  • Now general can not only hire army and soldiers but also fire already hired ones
  • Animals behavior script was changed a bit in order to increase overall performance
  • Now player can see separate army and guards amount on milita management window
  • Now size of an army that general can hire in players settlement depends on players commanding perks
  • Now player can't send an army to enemy settlement without having war-camp build
  • Fixed false warning notification when declaring a war
  • Fixed issue when "Create a war-camp" button text went missing after pressing "Diplomacy" button
  • Now settlers of sieged settlement will be aggressive to the player during siege if player is a leader of attackers
  • Fixed issue when "Recall army" button didn't work properly
  • Fixed performance issue when after unpausing the game all AI animators could be enabled for a moment causing a lag
  • Fixed visual issue when AI could start flickering when being at march after game was unpaused
  • Camera movement on global map was 2x times increased when using "Run" button
  • Fixed issue when non-soldiers could march to war-camp sometimes
  • Fixed issue when some soldiers could stay in the war-camp after sending an army to enemy settlement
  • Fixed issue when player could assign soldiers to trebuchets even if there weren't enough of soldiers
  • Soldiers now can use trebuchets and play animations there during sieges
  • New quest was added "Bring healing herbs for wounded soldier"
  • Russian translation was updated
  • French translation was updated
  • Some errors in English translation were fixed
  • Now barricades HP depends on wall type (100, 200, 400, 750, 1000)
  • Now Barricades can be damaged with sword or other weapon
  • Distance when settlers of a settlement will attack aggressive player was increased from 30m to 100m
  • Now after killing a settler player will improve siege effectiveness
  • Trebuchet target choice was changed a bit - now it will mostly attack the houses, the wall and barricades
  • Fixed issue when AI could start to vanish during the fight sometimes
  • Fixed issue when AI could stuck near house entrance during the fight sometimes
  • Fixed issue when settlers could be killed by invisible enemy during siege
  • Now player receives no damage when being attacked in god mode by AI
  • Now attacking army can kill civilians
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