Kingdoms Update 0.622 Brings Bug Fixes All Across The Board, Patch Notes Here

Kingdoms update
Kingdoms update steam

Kingdoms, the procedurally generated game by indie developer Oreal, received an update today. Kingdoms now has far fewer bugs than it did before. Update 0.622 improved the performance and optimization of Kingdoms as well, especially while crafting, sleeping, and traveling. From now on, you won’t need the ‘Worker’ perk for building at the start of the game.

You can read the complete patch notes of the update below. They are mentioned on the official site as well.

Kingdoms Update 0.622 Patch Notes


  • Optimization work (including lags while crafting sleeping or travelling)
  • Some tweaks were made for early game - now not all building require "Worker" perk


  • Fixed issue when soldiers in army didn't follow the formation properly after sending an army to settlement (both for player and AI)
  • Fixed issue when army reached it's destination soldier were still marching at one place
  • Now the spot where marching army will stop depends on closest house position, not the overall settlement position
  • Fixed issue when wild animals didn't notice settlers around, attacking player only
  • Fixed issue when army formation could continue moving when roads were calculated
  • Army formation objects script was optimized a bit in order to increase performance
  • Fixed issue when fireball could got missing after first shot (including trebuchet in main menu)
  • Fixed issue when wild animal could continue to attack already dead settler
  • Fixed issue when trebuchets script didn't properly calculated fireball parabola sometimes, shooting right to the ground
  • Now siege info UI will appear when player is close enough to his army positions or to sieged settlement
  • Some changes in animals scripts were made in order to increase performance
  • Some changes in settlers scripts were made in order to increase performance
  • Now player can't take the settlement by just killing its leader
  • If leader of AI settlement dies for some reason, its place is automatically taken by other settler in this settlement
  • Early game balance - now following structures don't require "Workers" perk to be build: bandits lair, small smithy, woodworkers house, stoneworkers place, bakery, small shop, small wooden tavern, farmhouse
  • Bakery now requires "Butcher" perk to be build instead of "Worker"
  • Now perks needed to establish a settlement marked with a green house in characters creation menu
  • Some tweaks were made in background calculations during sleeping or crafting in order to remove lags
  • Fixed issue when wild animal could start to attack a settler in war-camp without any reaction from a settler
  • Fixed issue when player couldn't properly interact with war-camp chest sometimes
  • Fixed issue when soldiers couldn't attack wild animals when being at march
  • Fixed issue when some soldier is being killed when building a war-camp object in AI settlement, AI starts instantly add more and more soldiers at each war-camp object
  • Now game will automatically fix the number of working soldiers in war-camp if by some reason it was calculated incorrect
  • Volume of notification sounds was tweaked
  • Fixed issue when AI army didn't start to march at war when everything in war-camp was build
  • Fixed issue when AI army went back to camp in the middle of march when AI hired new soldier to the army
  • Now AI can recruit new soldiers from the settlement when old ones are dying in battle
  • AI war balance: AI can't declare wars when its army is on the march or sieging other settlement
  • AI war balance: AI won't declare new wars if AI's settlement is under siege or war was declared recently
  • AI war balance: AI can't siege settlement that is already under siege of other AI
  • Fixed issue when attackers could stop too close to sieged settlement
  • AI can't destroy following buildings during siege: well, notice board, common house and city hall
  • Each building now have new parameter - HP, trebuchet shot can take 20-30 of HP, max HP is 100, when its lower than 0, house is destroyed
  • Siege effectiveness depends on following: houses destroyed, settlers killed, leader killed
  • Fixed issue when army could go to settlement for too long when speed is up (sleeping or crafting)
  • AI will destroy war-camp after war is won
  • Trebuchet can shoot and damage four random targets: houses, settlers, wall and gates
  • AI will automatically set up barricades when settlement is under siege
  • Fixed issue when general could recruit to army social workers (tax collector etc.)
  • Fixed issue when AI could walk straight into water when player was standing at the end of pierce
  • Fixed issue when AI didn't properly assigned soldiers to build structures in war-camp
  • Lag that appear when many settlers were looking for settlement was significally reduced
  • When settlement is captured, all fires inside are automatically disabled
  • When settlement is captured, AI removes all barricades from the gates
  • Fixed issue when bandits lair parameters could be saved incorrect when lair leader was killed but lair wasn't destroyed
  • Trebuchet shooting speed depends on soldiers attached to this trebuchet at war-camp
  • Fixed issue when trebuchet speed didn't change when time was speeded up
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