Kingdoms Update 0.645 Update Fixes 20 Bugs And Issues, Patch Notes Here

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Kingdoms just got slightly better. Developer Oreal released a small patch today that is solely focused on bug fixing. Kingdoms update 0.645 added a trail render for arrows, building speed was slightly tweaked, and settlement management texts have been proofread. Don’t expect any new content though, because Kingdoms update 0.645 doesn’t add any. You can read the complete patch notes below and on the official site.



  • Fixed issue when controls could be reset to default without any reason during the play;
  • Fixed issue when custom controls weren't properly saved and loaded sometimes;
  • Fixed issue when control could disappear from mappings list, causing various bugs (I.e. player couldn't sprint because of that);
  • Settlement management text was proofread (BIG thanks to Amiiban TNMRN YT!);
  • Building speeds were tweaked a bit;
  • Fixed issue when settler could teleport to animation place sometimes in the middle of walking without reaching house entrance;
  • Fixed issue when settler could use already taken animation place inside of structures sometimes;
  • Fixed issue when settler could start play hammering animation without reaching house sometimes;
  • Trail render was added to arrows;
  • Fixed issue when dead bear could stuck in "warning" animation;
  • Fixed issue when dead wolf could stuck in "warning" animation;
  • Spotting distance for various animals were tweaked a bit;
  • Amount of farmers on the map was increased a bit (new game is needed);
  • Amount of traders was increased a bit (new game is needed);
  • Fixed issue when jump button couldn't be remapped and "space" was used as default;
  • Fixed issue when "talking" button couldn't be remapped and "E" was used all the time;
  • Fixed issue when "interaction" text could gone missing sometimes;
  • Fixed issue when player couldn't interact with "Sale" paper when house was previously empty and was taken by player;
  • Fixed issue when AI could still play "breath" animation after death;
  • Fixed when even after remapping action key "E" was still a tip when gathering vegetables;

So what do you think? Are you interested in any of these changes? Did you encounter any of these bugs before? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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