Kingdoms Kingdoms Update 0.575 Brings Tons Of Bug Fixes, Complete Patch Notes Here

New Kingdoms update
New Kingdoms update steam

Kingdoms continue to receive support from its developers. The game might be a small indie title, but it does receive updates like it’s a proper AAA game. The update 0.575 went live today and it is mostly focused on bug fixes, especially regarding the war-camp and marching issues. One new quest called "Bring 5 flour bags for trader" was added and the Russian translation has been updated.

The update brought bug fixes all across the board, and as always, you don’t have to do anything. The patch will automatically install and download. The complete list of tweaks and changes is mentioned below and on the official site.

Kingdoms Update 0.575 Patch Notes


  • Fixed issue when player could declare war when pressing "Send gift", "Marriage proposal", "Send spy" or "Send assassin";
  • Fixed issue when "Mouse sensitivity" setting wasn't loaded correctly when launching the game;
  • Animals spawn algorithm was changed a bit in order to smooth overall animals spawn;
  • Fixed rare issue when animal could spawn underwater sometimes;
  • Lanterns were added to add types of gates;
  • Fixed issue when army formation was still moving when roads are calculated;
  • Fixed issue when speeding up the time didn't affect army formation moving speed;
  • Fixed issue when player could see AI floating in the sky after body creation sometimes;
  • Fixed issue when player exit trading with "amount window" active this window stayed active;
  • Some lanterns light now depends on day cycle;
  • Quest "Bring 5 flour bags for trader" was added;
  • Russian translation was updated;
  • Now player can sign "Peaceful agreement" for gold after declaring a war, amount of gold depends on Trader and Commander perks;
  • When war is declared many "peaceful options" become unavailable now;
  • Fixed issue when warning about war declaration wasn't properly calculated when choosing another settlement without exiting the map;
  • Now player can add soldiers to already marching army, when new soldiers are added to the army - march will be calculated from start point;
  • Fixed issue when "settlement to march" was saved and loaded incorrect, causing soldier march to wrong settlement (new order is needed to recall an army);
  • Now reputation is being taken from the player when army was send without war declaration only when settlement will be attacked or war is declared after army was already send;
  • March can be canceled when army is send to war-camp;
  • Fixed issue when some settlers wasn't properly set to ground sometimes and their bodies were invisible;
  • Fixed issue when army could disappear right after sending to other settlement;
  • Fixed issue when AI could move in wrong direction when reaching end of navigation grid;
  • Fixed issue when settlers on ship became invisible sometimes when starting new world right after exiting old world;
  • Fixed issue when your horse didn't react on whistle when being on the other side of the map;
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