Kingdoms Update 0.563 Patch Notes: New Tutorials And Crash Fixes

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The medieval RPG game Kingdoms just received a small update yesterday, and it was an important one. The update makes the game more friendly for newcomers. Kingdoms' tutorial is massively expanded so that new players don’t feel overwhelmed. Two new quests were also added to the game, and a few bugs were resolved.

Kingdoms also fixed many crash issues. Developer Oreol explained that the game was crashing because of the latest Windows security update. You will need to exclude the game’s folder from Windows Defender. This should help other Unity-based games as well.

Kingdoms Update 0.563 Patch Notes

Complete patch notes of the Kingdoms 0.563 update are mentioned below and on the official site.


  • Fixed issue when mouse cursor wasn't lock down in game window when using windowed mode;
  • Fixed issue when animals started to rotate at place when reaching navigation grid end point;
  • Fixed some messed up player's replies in "Bring 10 planks" quest;
  • "Distance to other buildings" parameter was decreased a bit for garden plots;
  • Fixed issue when player's horse could start instantly running in circles when calling it with whistle;
  • Fixed issue when player couldn't talk to settlers right after landing sometimes;
  • Now player can talk to settlers even with weapon or tool drawn;
  • Now amount of seeds crafted depends on gardeners perks;
  • Quest "Bring untreated stone for..." was added;
  • Quest "Bring treated stone for..." was added;
  • Tutorial PROGRESSION was added;
  • Tutorial HOW AI WORKS was added;
  • Tutorial SETTLEMENTS - GENERAL was added;
  • Tutorial SETTLEMENTS - SOCIAL JOBS was added;
  • Tutorial SETTLEMENT - WALLS AND ROADS was added;
  • Tutorial MILITA was added;
  • Tutorial WAR-CAMP was added;
  • Tutorial HOW TO USE ITEMS was added;
  • Tutorial HUNGER AND VIGOUR was added;
  • Tutorial HOW TO CRAFT was added;
  • Tutorial I’M STUCK! WHAT TO DO? was added;
  • Tutorial HOW TO BUILD was added;
  • Tutorial HOW TO TRADE was added;
  • Tutorial QUESTS was added;

So what do you think? Do you like the new tutorials? Do you these are enough to help new players? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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