The King of Fighters ALLSTAR Adds Mai Shiranui and Kula Diamond to the Roster

Two new fighters are here.
Two new fighters are here. Netmarble

A new update has been released for The King of Fighters ALLSTAR which introduces two new playable fighters that players can choose for battle. Along with these new fighters come new battle cards, plus new in-game events and rewards.

The Seductive Fighter

The first new playable fighter is none other than the ever-seductive XV Mai Shiranui (Red Element/Defense type). Mai has a leader skill that can increase the ATK of Extreme Fighters by a percentage while also increasing Burn damage done by a percentage.

Her special skill gives Mai the Kunoichi of Fire effect for a period upon use. For each stack of Kunoichi of Fire, it increases her ATK, critical hit rate, critical damage, and active skill damage. This means that the longer Mai is on the field, the more dangerous she becomes. It also makes her a perfect unit when giving buff to the rest of the party.

Freeze Your Enemies

The second fighter is XV Kula Diamond (Purple Element/Defense type) which has a leader skill that can increase the ATK of Extreme fighters by a certain rate and increase the Chill damage by a percentage. Meanwhile, her special skill allows her to be immune to Stun, Freeze, and Darkness.

When Kula’s active skill lands on enemies with the “Brrr” state, it freezes enemies and decreases their defense by 100% for a time. It also casts a critical hit shield which absorbs damage for a period if attacked when HP has decreased to a certain rate. This combination makes Kula a good fit for the team with other purple element fighters to ensure that the team is more durable.

New Battle Cards

The introduction of new playable characters also means new battle cards and the ones for XV Shiranui and XV Kula Diamond have been released. The battle card for XV Shiranui increases the attack speed for a certain period after using a skill. For XV Kula Diamond, the battle card increases the critical damage for a period after using a skill.

New In-Game Events

Here are the new in-game events:

  • Team Relay Dungeon: Alexandrite
    • Players can form two different teams of three players and attack Alexandrite, which has two different elements.
    • When reaching a certain damage threshold, rewards are distributed which include valuable Common EX Memory items that can be used to awaken Extreme Fighters.
  • Rush Dungeon: Mai Love Parade
    • Players can blitz through different levels to obtain event coins, with the ability to acquire items such as set cards.
  • Spring Celebration Puzzle Event
    • Puzzle pieces are rewarded for playing various modes in the game.
    • Once the puzzle is complete, it can be exchanged for a special item to decorate your collection room.

The King of Fighters ALLSTAR is available on Android and iOS.

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