The King of Fighters ALLSTAR Launches Collaboration with Soulcalibur VI

A holiday collaboration.
A holiday collaboration. Netmarble

A new holiday-themed update has been released for The King of Fighters ALLSTAR, and it highlights a collaboration with another iconic fighting game Soulcalibur VI. Get ready to meet two mainstays from Soulcalibur as they join the roster. Of course, there are also different events that players can join to unlock themed-rewards.

The first Soulcalibur character making her presence felt in the game is none other than the Athenian warring maiden Cassandra Alexandra. She joins the fight as EX Cassandra (Yellow Element Defense Type) with her shield and sword. Her Leader Skill increases ATK equal to DEF of [Soulcalibur VI] and decreases Active Skill Cooldown, while her Active Skills decrease Finish Skills Cooldown.

The second character of the collaboration is the legendary ninja Taki. As EX Taki (Blue Element/Attack Type), she fights using her iconic dual-wielding swords. Her quick strikes give her a Leader Skill which increases ATK and Critical DMG of [Extreme] Fighters. She is also marked by increase of ATK and decrease of DMG for a certain time upon tagging in.

Collaboration Login Bonus

One of the new events introduced is the Collaboration Login Bonus. From December 21 to January 11, players can earn different rewards like 5-Star Aristocrat Catsuit Ivy and Collab Summon Ticket by logging into the game.

Other details of this event include:

  • Fairy’s Small Cookie
    • Players can craft Winter Holiday Fighter Selector through Seong MI-NA’s Crafting Event.
  • Cassandra Event Coin
    • Item used for Event Summon.
  • Soulcalibur VI Affinity Item Mystery Box
    • Obtain items that can drastically increase the affinity with Soulcalibur VI Fighters.
  • Soulcalibur VI Collaboration Enhancement Hammer
    • Item required to enhance Soulcalibur VI Collaboration Imprint Stones up to Level 6.

Collab Event Summon

Another event is the Soulcalibur VI event summon from December 21 to January 11, where players must get "Cassandra Event Coins" through the login bonus and other in-game content. These can then be used to summon Soulcalibur VI Collaboration Option Cards like:

  • Obsessed Researcher, Ivy
  • Demon-sealing Ninja, Taki
  • One Who Does Not Trust the Gods, Cassandra
  • Tomboy Mi-na

The final reward of the event is the 5-Star War Maiden’s Costume Cassandra.

Check out all the new in-game events. The King of Fighters ALLSTAR is available on Android and iOS.

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