The King of Fighters ALLSTAR: Leona and Luong Added to the Roster

New fighters joining.
New fighters joining. Netmarble

A new update has been released for The King of Fighters ALLSTAR which introduces two new playable fighters. There are also new battle cards to enjoy and in-game events to join.

The first playable fighter is XV Leona (Blue Element/Attack type). She has a leader skill which increases the attack and critical damage percentage of Blue Element fighters. Her special skill gives her the Burning Spirit effect for a period upon use. Each Burning Spirit increases the attack speed, critical hit chance, and critical damage. It can even increase the finish skill damage by a certain level.

The second fighter is XV Luong (Green Element/Attack type). His leader skill can increase the attack of extreme fighters by a certain rate. It also has a passive effect that increases the critical damage of male fighters by a percentage. Going to his special skill, it can lower the attack and defense of an enemy's attack by a percentage, as well as increase the damage done to enemies.

Arriving with new playable fighters are new battle cards. Leona’s card increases critical damage percentage for a period when she finishes her special skill. Luong’s card, on the other hand, increases critical damage not only for himself but also allies for a time.

Time Attack Challenge

One of the in-game events from the new update is the New Time Attack Challenge! Tip Event, scheduled from February 24 to March 7. Here's what you need to do to be part of the event:

  • Play New Time Attack Challenge (Veteran) however you like it.
  • Write a post of your tips on New Time Attack Challenge (Veteran).
  • This can be in the form of a video, a picture, or a writing.
  • Upload the post in the [New Time Attack TIP] event board to complete the participation.

Here are the rewards up for grabs:

  • All participants
    • Reward:
      • AP x1,000
      • Dispatch Speed Up Ticket: 1 Hour x5
  • 1st Place (10 winners)
    • Reward:
      • EX Fighter Summon Ticket Vol.9 x20
      • EX Battle Card Summon Ticket Vol.9 x20
  • 2nd Place (20 winners)
    • Reward:
      • EX Fighter Summon Ticket Vol.9 x15
      • EX Battle Card Summon Ticket Vol.9 x15
  • 3rd Place (30 winners)
    • Reward:
      • EX Fighter Summon Ticket Vol.9 x10
      • EX Battle Card Summon Ticket Vol.9 x10

Other Events

In addition to the Time Attack Challenge, there are also these in-game events:

  • Rush Dungeon: Clandestine Star Operation
    • This event focuses on Luong’s story where players can complete stages in different levels and acquire event coins to exchange for various items.
    • Challenge Dungeon: Mission, Complete!
  • The Challenge Dungeon is available only after players obtain XV Leona or XV Luong.
    • Upon completion, players are rewarded with BS/SS Fighter Memory Random Boxes and Star/Moon Imprint Stones, to name a few.

The King of Fighters ALLSTAR is available on Android and iOS.

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