It's All Systems Go with Kerbal Space Program 2 Now in Early Access

Time for a bigger adventure.
Time for a bigger adventure. Intercept Games

Good news for those excited about Kerbal Space Program 2. The game is finally on early access for PC, being offered at an introductory price of $49.99 on Steam, Epic Games Store, Private Division Store, and other digital platforms.

This game is the official sequel to the original rocket simulation video game which sold more than 5 million units around the world. In Kerbal Space Program 2, players can now build their very own space program, among other new features. With the game developed from the ground up, many things can be expected for the years to come.

New Features

Kerbal Space Program 2 features almost limitless possibilities when constructing vehicles, thanks to more than 350 original and improved parts. The game even has a new parts size category which should open the way for upcoming interstellar-class parts when the game expands. There’s also a new part coloring tool to let players customize their creations.

In a statement, Intercept Games Creative Director Nate Simpson revealed that they're excited for the game to be on early access. He added that they're excited to see the creativity of the community and what they can come up with.

Plans for the Future

While it is good to know that the game is finally on early access, players should be really happy with what's in store for the future. Here are the highlights:

  • Next-Generation Technology
    • Players can unlock future technologies and let them build at larger scales while also using new fuels and propulsion systems.
  • Colonies
    • This allows players to locate and extract valuable resources.
    • These resources can then be used to build custom bases on distant celestial bodies or in deep space.
    • Colonies not only have their own physics challenge in construction but habitations also play a significant role in furthering deep space exploration and beyond.
  • Interstellar Travel
    • Players are presented with the challenge of interstellar navigation.
    • They need to journey across the gulf of interstellar space through fusion-powered megaships that can travel at incredible speeds.
    • Upon reaching new star systems, they can deploy landers and rovers to explore the planets waiting to be discovered.
  • Multiplayer
    • Players can cooperate, as well as compete, with friends to explore space together and achieve historic milestones in their own space race.
  • Modding
    • The sequel is planned to be even more mod-friendly.

Ready to face the new challenge?

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