Kerbal Space Program "On Final Approach" Now Live on Steam

A free update is here.
A free update is here. Squad

Update 1.12 for the Kerbal Space Program is now available at Steam. "On Final Approach" could well be the most ambitious free update to arrive on the game which also marks the start of a new chapter.

The release of the update is part of its 10th-anniversary celebration. The first-ever public version of the game launched all the way back on June 24, 2011. It later entered Steam Early Access in March 2013 before coming out of beta by April 2015. Versions for the console were then launched in 2016.

For this update, players can expect a lot of new content like the new “Slim” suit that’s inspired by the achievements made by the private aerospace sector industry. The update also introduces features that have been long requested by the community along with quality-of-life changes to enhance user experience.

Update Highlights

One of the new things introduced is the Maneuver Creator App. This app can improve the accuracy of space maneuvers by letting players:

  • Quickly generate transfers to other celestial bodies

  • See upcoming transfer windows

  • Get a better understanding of where they’re going and how much deltaV needed to get there

There is also the Alarm Clock App that lets players set alarms for different stuff like maneuvers or orbital positions. It’s sure helpful for long trips that need several burns to finish.

The third addition is the Solar Panels that come in four new photovoltaic panels. These include improved versions of the SP and OX-4 series and even two large circular retractable solar panels. These panels are:

  • OX-10L 1x5
  • SP-10L 1x5
  • OX-10C
  • SP-10C

For the celebration, players can join the fun with the 10th Anniversary Fireworks. These highly configurable firework launchers are attachable to vehicles. Those who want some flair need not worry as players can choose between trail and burst types. They can even tweak the force, duration, launch velocity, and explosion delay.

Other new features include search games in the load screen and search craft in the vessel load dialog. You can view the complete patch notes here.

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