Kerbal Space Program 2 Coming to Early Access February 2023

Launching soon!
Launching soon! Private Division

Kerbal Space Program 2 is launching on Early Access, February 24, 2023, for PC through Steam, Epic Games Store, and other storefronts. Players can look forward to a wide range of content including hundreds of new and improved parts that allow you to build different vehicles and rockets, time warp under acceleration for improved long-distance flights, and superior graphics featuring a planetary atmosphere and terrain system. Meanwhile, new players can expect to see improved tutorials and user onboarding to get the needed knowledge to excel at space flight.

In addition to the new content, the core experience will be better than ever in this game. Players are going to have almost limitless possibilities, like the tools at their disposal when constructing advanced spacecrafts and lunar vehicles. In fact, when the game becomes available in Early Access, more than 350 new and improved parts are available to use. That's not all since the game also gives players the ability to customize and paint vehicles, which should deepen personalization and expression in every build. During Early Access, players can fully travel across the Kerbolar system as well.

Once Kerbal Space Program 2 is in Early Access, there will be multiple game-changing features arriving throughout the coming months, such as:

  • Next-Generation Technology
    • Players can unlock future technologies to let them build at larger scales and use new fuels or propulsion systems.
    • These capabilities enable players to go beyond the limits of the original Kerbolar System and into unexplored star systems.
  • Colonies
    • Players can locate and extract valuable resources and use those materials to build custom bases on distant celestial bodies or in deep space.
    • However, players need to add power generation, habitation, and vehicle assembly models to colonies, and then can use it as a low-gravity launch complex to take on more ambitious journeys.
  • Interstellar Travel
    • The game offers players the challenge of interstellar navigation.
    • Players need to venture across the gulf of interstellar space inside fusion-powered megaships capable of incredible speeds.
    • Upon arrival at new star systems, they need to deploy landers and rovers to explore the planets waiting to be discovered.
  • Multiplayer
    • Players can cooperate and compete with friends to explore space together and achieve historic milestones in their own space race.
    • Multiplayer unlocks endless potential for adventures, completists, and “unexpected” vehicle collisions.
  • Modding
    • The new game is even more mod-friendly with the release of additional developments aimed to support the modding community.

Excited for your next big adventure? Learn more about Kerbal Space Program 2 here.

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