Immortals Fenyx Rising Launching The Lost Gods DLC Today

What does it mean to be mortal?
What does it mean to be mortal? Ubisoft

Immortals Fenyx Rising is launching The Lost Gods today, April 22. This is the third DLC to arrive in the game and will bring what can be described as fundamental changes. Indeed, players can expect a new take on the game and as proof of that, it introduces a new hero named Ash.

Everything is New

So what happened to Fenyx? Well, our titular character is the one that chose Ash to be the new champion. Ash has been tasked with tracking the “lost gods” that include Hades, Poseidon, Demeter, Boreas, and Hestia. They have left Olympus after what seems to be a falling out with Zeus. She needs to convince them to come back and help fix the mortal world. While that’s a bit similar to what Fenyx did, there’s one big difference. Ash is mortal and this means she follows different rules.

She’s pretty good with the sword and ax and can unlock various abilities and godly powers. There are two such powers players can look forward to and one of these is Catastrophe Quake. This allows Ash to deal damage to nearby enemies and at the same time, stun those burrowed underground and force them to surface. The second is Nature’s Fury where Ash releases a continuous beam of energy that inflicts more damage over time.

She also has what’s known as Divine Influences and Essences. What Divine Influence does is to give Ash a perk slot where she can then add elemental buffs to attacks as well as affect a power’s stamina consumption, to name a few. Essences, meanwhile, help Ash get other effects like, among others, increasing her chance of critical hits or raising her stamina and health meters.

A Price for Everything

For this new DLC, one of the themes is that no one can create something from nothing, not even the gods, which means there’s always a price for everything. This can be experienced in altars that offer many effects but can only be activated when specific resources are sacrificed.

Some altars help Ash upgrade her gear and abilities, but others let Ash save her progress. The latter is pretty significant since the game doesn't allow players to use auto-save frequently. So, when they're defeated, players are taken back to their last save. Being mortal, Ash can only heal herself using health orbs dropped by defeating enemies or through altars.

New Way to Fight

The Lost Gods also introduce a new way to fight. Of course, the basics are still there like slashing with a sword or using a bow. What is new is the enemy waves trying to overrun the player, and it is just on top of the new threats that have arisen.

So how do players deal with these waves of enemies? It's done through the use of a top-down camera that can be rotated freely but not zoomed. With this, players should be able to keep track of all enemies regardless of which direction they’re from.

What do you think? Is this new DLC interesting enough?

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