Immortals Fenyx Rising Goes to the East with Latest DLC

Discover a new mythology.
Discover a new mythology. Ubisoft

If you think Immortals Fenyx Rising is just another game about the Greek Gods, then you’re wrong. The game's latest DLC, Myths of the Eastern Realm, arrives today and it's inspired by Chinese mythology, specifically, the story known as Nuwa Mends the Heavens.

It’s all about the Chinese goddess Nuwa who restored balance after a rather disastrous war in Heaven. In the midst of all these, a new hero named Ku steps in.

While this new DLC is shorter than the main campaign, it offers a complete and self-contained story consisting of content on three unique biomes. The new world has a lot of environmental puzzles for players to solve along with the usual roaming monsters everyone can fight.

Learn More About the East

There’s no question that Myths of the Eastern Realm DLC is a good way for many players to learn more about Chinese mythology. This is good news given that the subject isn't too common in video games.

As players take on the role of Ku, they help Nuwa bring the world back from the brink of what’s certainly primordial chaos. Throughout his journey, he needs to get help from other mythic figures like dragons and Gong Gong.

Players also get to discover a new open-world that’s divided into two legendary realms. There’s the paradise known as Peng Lai and the rocky home of the Yan Di clan, the Bu Zhou.

Enjoy Some Martial-Arts Mayhem

Saving the world won’t be that easy since this new realm got lots of monsters. Making the situation even more difficult is that the soldiers of Heaven have been corrupted. Fortunately, Ku starts his journey already a strong warrior bringing with him enough health and stamina to beat most challenges. He also has powered-up versions of many godly abilities. Of course, he gets stronger throughout his adventure.

Powerful as he is, Ku doesn’t rely entirely on them. He carries with him some excellent weapons like a bow, ax, and Jian sword. He also brings with him a new fighting style also inspired by Chinese martial arts.

New with this DLC is the gauge pop-up that starts to fill. This three-tiered meter is known as the God Seal and can enhance two of Ku’s abilities. The first ability is the Blades of Huang Di that launches Ku with an upward thrust. The other is the Axe of Yan Di that lets Ku smash enemies with a downward strike using a massive ax

Once the God Seal fills, it lets the Blades of Huang Di release a storm of flying blades that can home in on enemies. For the Axe of Yan Di, the filled gauge creates a shockwave that deals massive physical and stun damage.

What do you think? Is the new DLC worth trying out?

Immortals Fenyx Rising - Myths of the Eastern Realm is available on PC, Playstation, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia, and Amazon Luna. Get to know more about the new DLC here.

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