ICARUS: Week Four Content Update Adds Refrigeration

ICARUS Week Four Content Update
ICARUS Week Four Content Update Steam

Do you want to complete more missions in ICARUS? If so, you’d want to download the latest update for it adds two new missions. Also, you can now preserve food and other perishables through refrigeration with this update.

New Missions

The first new mission is ADVANCED ORDER: Stockpile. Sinotai, the Operator of this mission, is extending an orbital station that will accommodate new personnel. So, to establish this, you need to provide the raw materials necessary for its construction.

Two cargo pods will be dispatched in separate locations. You need to reach the loading zones, establish processing systems, and fill the supply pods with the resources required.

VOYAGER: Recovery is the second mission added by the Week Four Content Update. This is a hardcore mission where you will be briefed once you reach the planet. It seems like you’ll have to revive fallen prospectors. Even though the mission looks simple, it is best to be on the lookout for possible threats.

Update Highlights

  • Removed “Search for Parts” mission stage in VOYAGER: Recovery mission and replaced it with a “Salvage” stage
  • Changed Oxygen Paste requirement for ADVANCED ORDER: Stockpile mission to just Oxite due to limited availability of Oxygen Paste ingredients
  • Fixed issue with ADVANCED ORDER: Stockpile mission ending with an erroneous objective marker
  • Added new mission VOYAGER: Recovery
  • Added new mission ADVANCED ORDER: Stockpile
  • Added refrigeration (food spoilage modifier) to Stockpile Cargo Pod inventory
  • Fixed issue where modifiers to food spoilage rates on cargo ship inventories were not applied on resuming a drop
  • Fixed issue where the cosmetic options for the host player could be displayed incorrectly
  • Fixed unintentional change causing the extractor to operate significantly slower than intended
  • Fixed “Rifle-Reup” Talent which was making rifle reloading slower instead of faster
  • Fixed issue any object that consumes fuel would sometimes not stop consuming fuel when they had finished working
  • Fixed issue where carrots could not be placed in the Icebox or Fridge
  • Removed ability for glacier expedition to have randomized item locations to attempt to address issues over database reload issues
  • Fixed issue where the server only would run meta deposit emptied visual effects when meta deposit wasn't empty
  • Fixed long term survey incorrectly not recording the collect location quest marker

ICARUS Week Four Content Update is available on PC.

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