ICARUS: Week Two Content Update Adds Three New Missions

ICARUS Week Two Content Update
ICARUS Week Two Content Update Steam

ICARUS is a session-based PvE survival game where your main objectives are to survive in a savage alien wilderness, mine exotic matter, and craft advanced technology. It recently received an update that added a few missions.

New Missions

The Week Two update introduced three new missions. The first is Spirit Level: SURVEY where your objective is to establish three geo-stations, which will survey the Canyon region, and a central uplink unit to transmit the data collected to orbit. Sinotai, the Operator of the new missions, will provide the equipment.

The second is Uplift: BIO RESEARCH. Your duty is to locate and collect geological samples present in a desert region and return them to orbit safely.

Last but not least is the Rampup: STOCKPILE requiring you to reach the loading zones and turn in raw materials needed by the Operator.

Improved Graphics Settings

The developers added two new display settings that allow you to get the best possible gaming experience.

LOD Bias gives you finer control over speed and visual quality. Lowering the value would give you much better detail at the cost of performance.

The Shadow Filter Method, on the other hand, gives you a better handle on shadow quality. You can enable Percentage-Closer Filtering (PCF) mode to remove grainy shadows. However, you must use the Percentage-Closer Soft Shadows (PCSS) mode if you’re using Nvidia DLSS or AMD FSR.

Patch Highlights

  • Fixed issue where drop completion notification window could sometimes not be closed
  • Fixed "Naturally Preserved" talent not working as intended
  • Fixed the way spoil rates are calculated and displayed
  • Fixed Hardcore Forest Survey rewards being the same as the non-hardcore version
  • Fixed issue where storms could sometimes damage items inside your inventory
  • Added hardcore variants of several missions, with extra stats for both rewards and difficulty
  • Added extra information to prospect detail display, including the modifiers applied to that specific prospect (extra XP, extra difficulty, etc)
  • Added new bait functionality to some extermination missions
  • Adding a short delay to the grace period resolution when a player exits their dropship state to make sure no falling damage is applied on the frame that it occurs
  • Improved visuals of prospect select screen, added variation to highlight special (exotic) drops
  • Improved Mission Select UI to better reflect the new prospect difficulty changes
  • Increased wolf spawns on harder difficulties on KILL LIST: Extermination Mission. Made the transmitter reset when destroyed on a hard survey mission
  • Rebalanced drop timers and difficulties for several prospects
  • Fixed several instances of bugs causing players to arrive injured or dead onto a prospect

ICARUS Week Two update is available on PC.

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