ICARUS: Week Three Content Fixes the Extractor; Adds Two More Missions

ICARUS Week Three Content Update
ICARUS Week Three Content Update Steam

Week Three content update for ICARUS is here. It adds two more missions and fixes the Extractor.

New Missions

New prospects are now available. These are AGRICULTURE: Supply Stockpile and CLUSTERED: Extended Survey.

The first one requires you to supply raw materials to the orbital station. You can do this by reaching the loading zones, establishing processing systems, and filling the supply pods with the requested resources.

In the second mission, the Operator needs you to conduct a long-term survey on a particular area of interest. The data provides information about the long-term weather patterns in this area. You must locate multiple scanning devices and deploy them to start collecting data. Of course, you are assigned to protect them until everything’s complete.

Characters Restored

Have you lost one of your characters in ICARUS? If so, you’re in for a Christmas miracle as developers have revived a substantial number of dead characters that were left behind on prospects after the timer ran out.

Those who are new to the game may not know the mechanic where they must return to the dropship before the timer expires.

The developers might not have been clear enough in communicating this, which is why they’ve implemented a new tool that would bring your dead characters back to life.

As of this writing, the Character Selection screen can now display over three character slots. These slots may be occupied by revived characters, getting you over the limit, which is fine. But you can't create new ones until you delete old ones. If you want to learn more about this, you can head here.

Patch Notes

  • Fixed issue with Extractor only mining a single ore on reload
  • Fixed Electric Furnace attempting to turn itself back on when reconnected to a power network
  • Fixed some instances of issue with Exotics deposits not spawning on all prospects
  • Fixed issue where players could get stuck with the overburdened modifier when leaving the game and reloading
  • Fixed issue with Electric Composter not turning itself back on when it receives power
  • Added localization support for prospect names
  • Fixed issue with several quest descriptions and objective text
  • Fixed "Fireproof Sealant" talent, was actually making things more flammable
  • Fixed issue with cargo ships sometimes being invisible on resuming stockpile missions
  • Fixed issue where Vegetable Pies were not spoiling correctly
  • Fixed issue where Pickled Carrots were not returning a jar when consumed

ICARUS Week Three Content Update is available on PC.

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