ICARUS: New Armors and Armor Benches Introduced in Week 40 Update

Week 40 Update
Week 40 Update Twitter/@SurviveIcarus

The Week 40 Update for the survival game ICARUS is now available on Steam. This update introduces new armor sets and armor benches.

The two new armor sets in the Week 40 Update for ICARUS are Wayfarer and Cured Leather Armor. The Wayfarer set provides players with some desert exposure resistance and a reduction in water consumption as well. On the other hand, the Cured Leather Armor’s set bonus gives players a 10% increase in both health and stamina regeneration. Both are now craftable at the new Tier 3 Advanced Textiles Bench.

Speaking of which, the Tier 3 Advanced Textiles Bench is one of the new crafting benches in ICARUS. Here, players can create a new material required for both the Wayfarer and Cured Leather Armor sets: Platinum Weave.

The other new crafting bench is the Tier 4 Electric Textiles Bench. This is quite special because players can craft all armor sets from Tiers 1, 2, and 3, alongside the Composite Armor.

Anyway, here are the other noteworthy changes in this patch:

  • Added T3 cloth armor pack, first pass textures, and materials
  • Adding Talents for Advanced Cloth Armor and Advanced Leather Armor
  • Shifting Polar Bear Armor to be in T3 and craftable at the Advanced Armor Bench
  • Shifted Other T3 Armors to be craftable at the Advanced Armor Bench
  • Shifted Composite Armor to be crafted at the Electric Armor Bench
  • Adding Advanced Armor Bench and Electric Armor Bench Talents and Putting the appropriate Armor behind them
  • Shifted Around T3/T4 Blueprint Talents to make the armors fit correctly
  • Added T3 cloth armor textures and materials
  • Added new stats for atmosphere-based modifiers to exposure resistance and animal threat increase, to be applied to armor pieces
  • Increased durability on most armor pieces, notably Composite and Naneo armor
  • Reduced recipe costs on Fur and Ghillie armor, greatly reduced polar bear pelt required for Polar Bear armor
  • Reduced thermal resistances on workshop armor marginally, increased thermals on stealth armors
  • Increased physical damage resistances on leather armors and scorpion armor
  • Increased exposure resistances on stealth armors, ST and CX workshop armor, and boss armor
  • Workshop armors are now repaired at the Advanced and Electric Textiles Benches.
  • Fixed an issue where rustic storage options did not benefit from the storage increase talents. Any newly created storage will benefit from these talents
  • Fixed offline characters still checking real-world time instead of game time for leaving characters behind

ICARUS Week 40 Update is available on PC.

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