ICARUS: Week 39 Update Introduces Ranged Weapon Attachments

Week 39 Update
Week 39 Update Twitter/@SurviveIcarus

New ranged weapon attachments have been introduced in the latest patch for ICARUS. The Week 39 Update adds a total of 25 new ranged weapon attachments.

Players can find 10 basic attachments in the Tier 3 Alteration Bench. These attachments can improve all bows, crossbows, and firearms in ICARUS. They are:

  • Basic Scope (All ranged weapons)
  • Trajectory Module (Bows and Crossbows)
  • Economic Attachment (Bows and Crossbows)
  • Silencer (All Guns)
  • Flexible Frame (All Guns)
  • Strengthened Strings (Bows only)
  • Lightweight Frame (Crossbows only)
  • Handcannon (Pistol only)
  • Sniper Scope (Rifles only)
  • Spread Reduction Module (Shotgun only)

Another 15 attachments can be found on the Tier 4 Alteration Bench. Here’s a rundown:

  • Advanced Scope (All ranged weapons)
  • Advanced Trajectory Module (Bows and Crossbows)
  • Advanced Economic Attachment (Bows and Crossbows)
  • Advanced Silencer (All Guns)
  • Advanced Flexible Frame (All Guns)
  • Advanced Strengthened Strings (Bows only)
  • Advanced Lightweight Frame (Crossbows only)
  • Advanced Handcannon (Pistol only)
  • Advanced Sniper Scope (Rifles only)
  • Advanced Spread Reduction Module (Shotgun only)
  • Rapid Fire (Bows only)
  • Prototype Notch (Crossbows only)
  • Extended Chamber (Pistol only)
  • Hunting Scope (Rifles only)
  • Spread Increased Module (Shotgun only)

The ones available in the Tier 4 Alteration Bench provide buffs and specialized features. The Advanced Silencer Attachment, for example, increases stealth damage by 40% and reduces perceived threat by 30% as well. Players who want to preserve their weapons may use the Advanced Economic Attachment, which reduces projectile break chance by 10% and the wear rate of items by 40%.

It is worth noting that developer Rocketwerkz will add mounts to the game in the future. So, for players who are asking for a way to move quickly in ICARUS, perhaps they will get what they want soon.


  • Adding Attachment slots onto Planetary Bows, Crossbows, Pistols, Rifles, and Shotguns
  • Added lights to caveworm spit projectiles to enhance visuals during combat in dark caves
  • Rebalanced ranged attachment alterations to help encourage the usage of different attachments.
  • Swapped Strengthened Strings to bows and Economic Attachment to bows and crossbows
  • Fixing Issue where Handcannon Attachment was providing the wrong alteration (Melee Damage as Opposed to Ranged Damage)
  • Fixing issue where Sniper Scope was Applying Aim Down Sights Speed and Not Zoom
  • Fixing issue where Shotgun Attachments were using the wrong stats for spread
  • Fixing issues were deployables would automatically activate their energy/water/fuel component based on the wrong variable, causing drills & extractors to run without requiring power
  • Fixed a bug when a client would initially pull out a building piece, the hologram would not appear until they swap to another item and back again

ICARUS Week 39 Update is available on PC.

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