ICARUS: New Mission Added in Week 38 Update

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The developers of ICARUS just released an update that is centered around quality-of-life improvements and bug fixes. The Week 38 Update also added the new HIGHRISE, after several weeks without a new construction mission.

New Mission

For the new HIGHRISE mission, your task is to build a six-floor observation tower using all the resources and materials provided by the contractor. Make sure the observation tower is habitable, complete with electric lighting and backup braziers.

Here is the mission briefing:

  • BIOME: The Great River, Styx
  • BACKGROUND: The Operator requests a tower providing vision across the central Styx Great Lakes area.
  • MISSION: Construct a tall observation tower, with electric lighting and backup braziers.
  • TERMS: Flat fee. All resources and construction materials are the responsibility of the Contractor.

Quality of Life Improvements

In this update, the developers introduced two new talents in Vegetarian and Carnivore. A Vegetarian improves the buffs from Fruits and Vegetables, while a Carnivore gets better buffs from Dried Meat.

ICARUS Changelog V1.2.13.100500

  • Fixed Accolade save issue while moving between levels which was causing possible Accolade progress loss
  • Make subtitle ReferenceText string in D_Dialogue transient so that it doesn't get saved into the datatable json, since it's only for editor use when setting up subtitle timing overrides. Resave datatable
  • ICESTORM: Updated mission crates system to use latest spawning logic. This will resolve lost mission items (they now respawn in the crates) and hard to see icons) and hard to see icons
  • Corrected the output of the UI start target range sound
  • Fixing issue where projectile stat displays as they were displaying incorrect values in the players menu
  • Update BP_EnzymeGeyser audio to use new OverlapAudioComponent to toggle audio based on distance, instead of just playing in a virtual state all of the time and wasting FMOD virtual voices
  • Fixing issue where Substance plugin was missing DLLs for Linux/Mac, due to bad p4ignore rules. In doing so, Substance has been updated to the latest version (still 4.27 engine version, don't worry)
  • Adding ability to Scale Modifiers by Effectiveness
  • Adding the ability for player stats to modifier modifier effectiveness
  • Modifiers stats and damage can now be scaled by the new modifier Effectiveness value

You can read more about the update here.

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