Hunt: Showdown Is Getting New Single-Player Trials Modes

Hunt: Showdown
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Those who have played Hunt: Showdown regard the game as a unique online multiplayer experience. Crytek describes Hunt: Showdown as a PvP game set in a PvE environment. Even if Hunt: Showdown isn't as popular as the trending BR games like Apex Legends, Fortnite, and PUBG, it is definitely an excellent game. The game offers a solid PvP experience and the developer has now introduced a single-player Trials Mode.

The Trials Mode comes to Hunt: Showdown as part of update 1.4.1. The mode will require players to set out in the Bayou maps devoid of human enemies. The mode also has a set of unique challenges that players can complete.

While the mode itself isn't something new, it has been freshly updated with new Trials. Crytek also released a new trailer that shows off the Trials Mode. The new update now enables players to wield dual weapons, which can be very handy in Trials Mode.

Despite being a PvE-only mode, Trials Mode also has rewards, some of which were shown off in the recent trailer. The game now has new legendary guns, gear, and more that can be donned in the multiplayer mode. Be warned of the permadeath aspect of the game. You can lose your legendary weapons, but you can also steal other people's legendary weapons. Completing the challenges listed in Trials Mode will reward players with legendary gear.

We feel that Hunt: Showdown hasn't received the love it deserves and there's a lot going for it. The game is being continually supported and updated by the devs. Players have been asking for a PvE mode for a long time and it's great to see that it's finally here. You can also check out the game's roadmap on its website, which features fan-created ideas that will be making their way into the game.

Hunt: Showdown is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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