Hunt: Showdown Test Server Update 1.4.2 Adds New Legendary Weapons, Patch Notes Here

Hunt: Showdown
Hunt: Showdown CRYTEK

Crytek's monster-killing game, Hunt: Showdown, just received a massive update for its Test Server. The update is 550MB in size and is available only on PC for right now. Given that this update came to the Test Server, we expect a massive update for the main build soon.

The update adds tons of new content and also makes changes to existing items. Several balancing tweaks have been made to gunplay and traits, along with tweaks to PvE mode and Trails mode. You can now open and close windows while cooking a throwable and the store price of the Knuckle Knife has been reduced to $15 from $45.

Speaking of the Store, four new Legendary Weapons are now available for purchase. A first aid kit, spyglass, flare gun, and a hand crossbow were also added. You can purchase the first three for only 200 Blood Bonds each, but for the crossbow you will need 400 Blood Bonds.

You can read about all the new legendary content added to the game below. If you want to check out the complete patch notes then visit the official site.


"LeMonnier's Kit"

  • First aid kit
  • Description: "Dr. LeMonnier was fatefully suspicious of Huff’s actions in the asylum, and though this first aid kit can stem heavy bleeding, it could not stop the pinprick injection that transformed him into another experiment."

"Steel Eye"

  • Spyglass
  • Description: "The determined pursuit of one’s goals requires a clarity of ambition. Those with a headstrong mentality - said to be steely-eyed - see their targets clearly with this looking glass."

"Rising Sun"

  • Flare pistol
  • Description: "This inlaid flare pistol glints brilliantly in the magnesium rays of its discharge. A small detail, appreciated by connoisseurs of the night."

"Steel Sprung"

  • Hand crossbow
  • Description: "More than just a showpiece of its smith’s skill, this complex hand crossbow is wrought from fine materials with expert machining, proving deadly and powerful."

"The Auger"

  • Lebel 1886 Talon
  • Description: "Scrawled in blood on this Lebel 1886 Talon are the ritual markings that make it possible to divine the future. Amongst the Hunters, some with this ability are called Augers."

So what do you think? Are you interested in any of these new items? Do you think the pricing for these items is acceptable? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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