Hunt: Showdown Introduces Bounty Revive Mechanic in Latest Update

Some interesting new features.
Some interesting new features. Crytek

Hunt: Showdown released a new update that introduces a lot of new features like the Bounty Revive Mechanic. It also brings new accessibility options and new menu animations. Update 1.6.1 is so far live on PC.

For accessibility options, the new update adds a refactor to the weapon handling system. In addition to being more solid, this system hopes to give the game more flexibility, especially when adding new accessibility features across all platforms.

New Mechanic

The new mechanic now gives Bounty carriers the choice to revive any “redskulled” teammate that has lost all health chunks. While Bounty Revive may sound like the Necromancer trait, the difference is that revive can’t be done over distance. Meaning, players need to physically interact with the subject they are trying to revive.

The act of reviving though is like the Necromancer trait as it drains 25 HP per revive. Meanwhile, the player who's been revived returns with a maximum of 50 HP. As a reminder, Bounty revives don’t reward any “Revive XP.”

According to the development team, one of the reasons for introducing this new mechanic is to give players more incentive for carrying bounty. In addition, it should give dead players a new reason to stay in the game, if there is a bounty in the match.

New Menu Animations

The update also introduces a bunch of newly hand-crafted animations. For the development team, this is a way for artists to showcase their work. The two main animations are:

  • Weapon Equip Animation
    • All Hunters now have an “equip” animation that shows on the lobby screen, replacing static poses.
    • This lets Hunters show off their chosen gear in style.
  • Legendary Intros
    • Legendary Hunters now feature a signature intro animation that fits their character and gives them an impressive way to show off.
  • These signature animations are not only visible in the Lobby but also on the Death screen.
    • It’s also visible when joining a group.
    • All animations can be previewed on the Legendary Hunter store page.
    • When in a lobby, Legendary hunters can play their signature move followed by the equip animation for the currently selected weapon.

For now, the weapon animations are limited to Tier 2 Hunters. New animations are going to be added for Tier 1 and Tier 2 Hunters in the future.

You can view all the changes that arrived in Update 1.6.1 here.

Hunt: Showdown is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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