The Derek Update For House Party Is Finally Here

It's all about Derek.
It's all about Derek. Eek Games!

Looks like the wait is finally over as House Party has officially launched its Derek update. That’s right, House Party version 0.17.3 is now live and brings with it a lot of new content that players can explore and enjoy. That’s not all, as there are also new game mechanics introduced. Today we take a quick look into these new additions.

Welcome Derek

Of course, the biggest highlight of this update is none other than Derek. For those not that familiar with House Party, Derek is the reason why the player is at the party in the first place. In this new update, Derek has his storyline expanded. In particular, Derek has undergone a complete emotional overhaul. His behavior has been more deeply tied to the social meters system and has more appropriate emotes in a variety of major story moments.

Derek also has two new Opportunities, which are Memory Lane and Mission Impawsible. One of these is going to result in a full, repeatable, and a rather steamy intimacy reward. Derek, along with Patrick and Vickie, got their wardrobes revamped so that should give them a snazzier look.

New Things Are Here

What’s a party without the booze, right? Not to worry since with this new update, players now have more chances to get their hands on booze around the party. The bottles in the liquor cabinet can now be interacted with. Just don’t forget to watch out for Frank and Leah.

All that booze has to have an effect, and this is where the new mechanic enters the picture. There’s now a urination and bladder meter, which means that taking a leak is now part of the game. Time to cause all kinds of mayhem and maybe get into a pissing match with someone else at the party.

Players should also be happy to know that House Party now has an autosave feature. This is indeed good news, especially for those who have a tendency to forget to save.

This being an update, there also improvements made to House Party's performance. There is, for example, the Memories tab that has been added in the Opportunity Window. Another new addition is the Character Select UI. Speaking of UI, the main menu language selection has also been improved.

You can view the complete changes in Version 0.17.3 here.

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