For Honor to Welcome Pirates This Thursday

The scourge of the seas.
The scourge of the seas. Ubisoft

For Honor is all set to welcome a new Hero archetype in The Pirates, arriving courtesy of Year 5 Season 4 – Title Update 2.0 on January 27. With a cutlass and pistol, the Pirate Hero can combine pistol blasts and heavy attacks, which chain one after another. The Pirate is the first Hero to be introduced from the new group known as the Outlanders.

The Pirates are sea captains that hail from the Archipelago with each having their own ship along with hundreds of people. They’re bold, bossy, and passionate. However, they’re neither good nor bad.

Players can get the Pirate Hero from first-party stores for $7.99. It’s part of a package that comes with:

  • One exclusive Ornament
  • One Elite Outfit
  • Three scavenger crates
  • Seven days of Champion Status

This same package can be unlocked for 15,000 Steel beginning February 10.

Title Update 2.0 also gives players a free event pass which comes with exclusive rewards and new seasonal armor variations for all Heroes. However, the armor variations for the Pirate Hero are delayed and will become available at a later date.

There’s also a Pirates of the Aurora event from January 27 to February 17. For this event, players can get their hands on a Battle Outfit, an Effect, and an Ornament. They can expect to get a free event pass for this one too.

Welcome Year 6

This upcoming update is the last for Year 5. The next one is Year 6: Lost Horizons, arriving on March 17. There will be two new heroes from Outlanders to be added. The Outlanders come from a world beyond Heathmoor and won’t be related to any existing factions. That means new weapons and even new fighting styles.

Learn more about what’s being planned for Year 6 here.

Championship Finals

The Championship Finals are scheduled to take place on February 12. Players battle in a double-elimination format with the winner being crowned 2021 For Honor Dominion Series Regional Champions. The competing teams are:

  • EU: Nemesis Esports, Russian Mind Games, OverSleepers, Tylenol and Friends
  • NA: Black Jackals, Team Killing Service, On Flask, Better Than U

For Honor is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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