For Honor: Check Out What’s Being Planned for Year 6

Exciting things ahead.
Exciting things ahead. Ubisoft

The Year of Covenants in For Honor is about to end. That means new content is arriving for players to enjoy. The wait won't be that long since Year 6: Lost Horizons is coming on March 17. One thing that everyone can expect is that the narrative won't be unfolding in chronological order.

Year 6 marks the arrival of the Outlanders, a group of heroes that first appeared in Year 5 Season 4. The first group to arrive are the Pirates. They're bringing with them multiple relics gathered across their travels. These relics are set to uncover the lost horizons as well as the forgotten mythologies of Heathmoor. Relics are going to be revealed one by one each season.

Like in Year 5, Year 6 is also getting four seasons and two new heroes, both part of the Outlanders. The first hero is coming out in Season 2 Title Update 2, while the second hero is arriving in Season 4 Title Update 4. These two are introducing new combat elements unlike those from existing factions.

Hero Skins

Each season in Year 6 is going to have a unique battle pass along with themed armor and weapon variations. One addition that players will love is the Hero Skins. Hero Skins are top-to-bottom designs that can affect each element of a hero’s appearance harmoniously. The full-set designs include armor, weapon, body type, skin, and facial features, to name a few. Once equipped, the Hero Skin overrides the customization and body type of the hero, though Perks remain unchanged. Players won't be able to dismantle Hero Skins but can be customized via Color Palettes and Materials.

Once the feature is live, this new option can be accessed through the hero appearance customization tab. Here, players can choose any Hero Skins available to that particular hero. These Hero Skins can be purchased using Steel or in stores.

In a post, the For Honor dev team revealed that they plan to release one hero skin per season in Year 6 for a single hero within the current roster.

For Honor is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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