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Ready to play with friends.
Ready to play with friends. Ubisoft

Are you tired of playing For Honor by yourself? Why not invite your friends? If you need additional motivation, then you have to learn more about the game’s Referral Program. This promotion is already live and runs until October 21.

The Referral Program however isn’t limited to the one doing the inviting. That’s because friends also get in-game rewards. Speaking of rewards, Referrers get exclusive rewards for every recruit for a maximum of five recruits while Recruits get seven days of champion status. For Recruits to get the rewards, they need to buy the game and play for at least two hours.

Learn more about the Referral Program here.

The Legendary Kyoshin

This is also a good time to invite friends to play since the Legendary Kyoshin has arrived in the game. These legendary samurais have undergone special training leading them to master the art of fighting with the Shikomizu. Some features of the Kyoshin are:

  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Counter-Attacker Fighting Style
  • Group Fighting Specialist
  • Special Capabilities
    • Kaze Stance: Defensive Stance that blocks incoming attacks
    • Kaze Attacks: Attacks from Kaze Stance can lead to Quick Combos
    • Unblockable and Undodgeable Mix-Ups

Patch 2.29.0

The new warriors join the game courtesy of a new update. One of the improvements is on the User Interface. There are changes done to the Traits menu, which includes:a

  • New tile icon
  • The Gender tab (in English) has been changed to “Body Type”
  • Default Body Type (and associated voice) appears as “1” on screen. If there is any alternate option available, it appears as “2.”

There are the usual fixes and improvements as well. Read more about it here.

For Honor is an action fighting game set in medieval and fantasy settings. In this one, a natural catastrophe has resulted in different warriors fighting against each other. These include the samurais, knights, Vikings, and Wu Lin. As mentioned, there is the Legendary Kyoshin. The game was released in 2017 and is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The game has received generally favorable reviews. It was named the Best PC Game and Best PlayStation 4 Game during the Gamescom 2016.

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