Heroes Of The Storm Guide: What's In Store For You With Deathwing

Learn more about the Destoyer, the World Breaker.
Learn more about the Destoyer, the World Breaker. Blizzard

Heroes of the Storm is introducing a new hero in Deathwing. The Worldbreaker has already laid waste to World of Warcraft and Hearthstone and now descends on the Nexus to spread destruction and death.

In today's guide, we take a closer look at Deathwing and what he brings to the game.

One thing going for Deathwing is that as a might dragon aspect, he can switch between two forms in battle. His Destroyer form lets him use the Incinerate and Onslaught abilities. Meanwhile, the World Breaker allows him access to the Lava Burst and Earth Shatter abilities.

That's not all, as Deathwing can soar high into the sky and restore his health while looking down at the battlefield. Once he's ready to be part of the battle again, he can simply slam into the ground, deal damage, and assume one of his two forms.

That said, let's take a look at this abilities.

  • TRAIT: Aspect of Death (D)
    • Deathwing is fitted with 4 Armor Plates that give 10 Armor each.
    • Each 25% Health lost causes Deathwing to lose a plate.
    • Plates are restored when Dragonflight is used.
      • The amount restored is based on how much health Deathwing has when landing.
    • Deathwing is also a mighty Dragon Aspect who is permanently Unstoppable and deals 100% additional damage to Heroes.
      • However Deathwing views his allies with contempt and is immune to any friendly effects.
  • Dragonflight (Z)
    • After three (3) seconds Deathwing flies to the sky, becomes immune to all effects, and gains 2.5% Health per second.
    • When Deathwing deals or takes damage, Dragonflight is put on a four (4) second cooldown.
    • While airborne:
      • Destroyer (Q)
        • Deathwing slams down to the ground and deals damage to enemies in the area while gaining access to Destroyer abilities Incincerate and Onslaught.
      • World Breaker (W)
        • Deathwing slams down to the ground and deals damage to enemies in the area while gaining access to World Breaker abilities Lava Burst and Earth Shatter.
  • Molten Flame (Q)
    • Deathwing breathes a stream of flame and deals damage every second.
    • Drains energy each second.
  • HEROIC ABILITY: Cataclysm (R)
    • Deathwing flies across the target path, deals damage on impact, and leaves scorched ground which persists for a short time, damaging enemies.

As mentioned, Deathwing has two forms and this affects his (W) and (E) abilities. Specifically, these are:

  • As Destroyer
    • Incinerate (W)
      • ​Deathwing flaps his wings and deals damage to nearby enemies.
    • Onslaught (E)
      • ​Lunge in a direction dealing damage to enemies and slowing them. Deathwing bites enemies at the end of the lunge and deals additional damage.
  • As World Breaker
    • Lava Burst (W)
      • ​After a short delay, Deathwing deals damage to all enemies in the area and creates a pool of magma that persists for a short time, damaging and slowing enemies.
    • Earth Shatter (E)
      • ​Create a fissure that deals damage to enemies and stuns them.

You can learn more about Deathwing in a new developer stream and see his abilities in action. You can also hear the toughts of the development team on how Deathwing fits into the larger ecosystem of Heroes of the Storm.

If you have the chance to attend BlizzCon, the Heroes of the Storm team is going to host a panel to talk in-depth about the anatomy of a dragon, covering the making of Deathwing from art, gameplay concepts, design iteration, up to the final hero you see in the game. BlizzCon 2019 takes pace from November 1 to November 2.

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