Heroes Of The Storm MechaStorm 2 Event Coming Soon

Heroes of the Storm: MechaStorm II
Heroes of the Storm: MechaStorm II Blizzard

Heroes of the Storm players must be prepared, as a new event is headed your way. Dubbed MechaStorm II, the event has players complete quests to earn rewards.

The first MechaStorm was a mecha-themed drop released back in January of last year. In terms of lore, MechaStorm told the story of the Mechas vs Kaijos alternate universe. For the game itself, the drop offered mecha skins for a number of heroes like the mecha Tyrael.

This time, the planet is threatened once again by Xenotech, with the new invasion being led by Mecha Malthael. The destruction has already spread across Neo-Stormwind and a number of cities and outposts have fallen. In order to fight the Mecha Arcangel of Death, a new generation of heroes have risen. These heroes are equipped with state of the art Mecha technology provided by Neo-President Anduin. Working alongside Valla and Yrel, the MechaStorm need to prepare and help stop the advance of Mecha Malthael.

Under the MechaStorm II Quest Chain, players need to repair, upgrade, and run repeatable combat simulation missions for each part of Mecha Tyrael. Each completion earns players mecha-themed sprays, portraits and loot boxes.

Beginning June 17 and running until August 5, the main goal is to stop the Xenotech invasion. During this period, all Loot Chests that are earned or bought are considered MechaStorm II Loot Chests. Each Loot Chest guarantees at least one item from either the current event or the previous years' Summer Events. Loot Chests earned prior to the event do not convert to MechaStorm II Loot Chests once the event starts.

The MechaStorm II event releases alongside the upcoming patch, which is currently available on the PTR.

Along with the new event, the update also brings back many seasonal items to the collection, and makes these items available for crafting and in Loot Chests for a limited time. The items include:

  • New Bundles (Limited Time Only!)
    • MechaStorm II Bundle
    • Mecha Yrel Skin Pack
    • Mecha Valla Skin Pack
    • Xenotech Malthael Skin Pack
    • Seraph Wing Bundle
  • New Skins (Limited Time Only!)
    • Mecha Yrel
      • Prototype Mecha Yrel
      • Master Mecha Yrel
      • Lunar Mecha Yrel
      • Carbon Fiber Mecha Yrel
    • Mecha Valla
      • Prototype Mecha Valla
      • Master Mecha Valla
      • Solar Mecha Valla
      • Alloy Mecha Valla
    • Xenotech Malthael
      • Apex Xenotech Malthael
      • Twilight Xenotech Malthael
      • Umbral Xenotech Malthael
      • Gamma Xenotech Malthael
    • Hunter Mecha Dehaka
    • Galactic Xenotech Abathur
    • Maritime Dropkick Kharazim
  • New Mounts (Limited Time Only!)
    • Seraph Wing
      • Holy Seraph Wing
      • Fierce Seraph Wing
      • Eternal Seraph Wing
      • Guardian Seraph Wing
      • Prototype Seraph Wing
    • Fel Razorgrin
  • New Portraits and Sprays (Limited Time Only!)
    • Several new sprays and portraits have also been added to the game.
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