Heroes of the Storm: February 1 Patch Buffs Nova and Malfurion; Nerfs Rehgar

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Fans of Nova and Malfurion will be happy to know they got some significant buffs in Heroes of the Storm’s latest patch. Rehgar was reworked a couple of updates back, but the developers felt that he’s gotten a lot stronger than they’d expected. So, they’re nerfing some of his base stats and talents, leaving him in a more balanced state.


Nova received some pretty buffs. For one, her Holo Stability talent has an added functionality that reduces the cooldown of Ghost Protocol by 15 seconds. This is huge since the original cooldown of Ghost Protocol is 60 seconds. Being able to cast it more often can make her a formidable opponent.

Furthermore, her Perfect Shot (Q) talent got reworked. The four-second cooldown reduction and full mana refund are now exclusive to hitting enemy Heroes. Hitting normal enemies only yields half of the values.

In an attempt to make Malfurion more reliable, the developers have increased the power of his level 16 talents across the board. For instance, his Moonlit Harmony talent increases Moonfire heals by 20%.


While Nova and Malfurion got buffed, Rehgar received substantial nerfs that are just too hard to ignore. First of all, his total HP and health regeneration got reduced by a bit.

Second, the health of his Earthbind Totems has been reduced to 260 from 326. Plus, the duration of this ability is also reduced to six seconds.

As if those things are not bad enough, his Grounded Totem (E) talent is now moved to Level 7. Besides that, the Attack Speed Slow and Spell Power reduction have been reduced to 30% and 15%, respectively.

Although the nerfs are harsh, the developers hope that these adjustments would make Rehgar more balanced than after his rework.


Diablo (Base)
  • Black Soulstone (D)
    • Additional functionality: Upon reaching Level 10, Souls consumed when resurrecting is 100 to 75
Level 13
  • Devastating Charge (Q)
    • Armor reduction increased to 20
  • Hellfire (W)
    • Damage per second increased to 33
E.T.C (Base)
  • Health increased to 2280
  • Health regeneration increased to 4.75
  • Powerslide (Q)
    • Damage increased to 105
Malthael (Base)
  • Reaper’s Mark (Trait)
    • Damage per second increased to 2% of maximum health
Level 7
  • Touch of Death (Active)
    • Cooldown reduced to 20 seconds
Level 13
  • Shroud of Wisdom (Active)
    • Cooldown reduced to 20 seconds
Level 16
  • Memento Mori (Trait)
    • Damage bonus reduced to 60%

You can read the full patch notes on the game’s official website.

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