Here Are Your Dota 2 Summit 13 Online Champions

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Here are your champions.
Here are your champions.

After a week of intense competition, we finally have the champions for the Dota 2 Summit 13 Online. Don’t worry since we’re going to give the run down on each division. However, just to give you a heads up, these are the champions and their winnings:

  • Americas
    • Champion: Team Zero
    • Winnings: $42,000
  • Southeast Asia
    • Champion: Motivate.Trust Gaming
    • Winnings: $42,000
  • Europe
    • Champion:
    • Winnings: $21,000

Is This the Return of EE?

In the Americas, it was Quincy Crew that dominated the Group Stage, and even managed to secure a spot for the Grand Final early in the Playoffs. In the end, Quincy Crew faced Team Zero, a team headlined by Jacky "EternaLEnVy" Mao.

Zero had an exciting path to the Grand Final, and it started by beating 4 Zoomers in the first round of the Playoffs. They then were dropped to the Lower Bracket by QC before claiming the second Grand Final spot by defeating Infamous.

Team Zero started the Grand Final strong by finishing the first game in under 30 minutes. The second game wouldn’t be that easy as it was a see-saw with Zero eventually getting the win and the 2–0 lead. Zero wanted to close it in the third game, and initially it appeared that way. However, QC didn't go down easily and snatched the lead and eventually the victory. With momentum on their side, QC managed to take the lead in the fourth game and hold on to it for the win.

The finals match went down to a fifth and final game, and it seemed it was Zero that wanted the win badly. Zero started strong and QC had problems answering. Eventually, Zero got the win and the championship. Is this the start of Team Zero dominating the region?

Cementing their Presence

Over in Southeast Asia, it was again Motivate.Trust Gaming that proved it was indeed the rising star of the region. This is significant considering the talent in the SEA region. Motivate.Trust grabbed the top spot in the Group Stage and managed to cruise to the Grand Final.

On the other side, it was Among Us that secured the second Grand Final spot. Among Us managed to beat TNC Predator 2–1, but was dropped to the Lower Bracket by Motivate.Trust. In the Lower Bracket, Among Us again faced BOOM Esports. Unlike what happened in the BTS Pro Series Season 3: Southeast Asia, Among Us eliminated BOOM to move on in the tournament.

The Grand Final, however, wasn't as exciting as one might expect. To say that Motivate.Trust dominated the match would be to underscore it. In the first game, Motivate.Trust ended the game with 50 total team kills against 23 from Among Us. The second game was pretty much the same, with three members of Motivate.Trust getting double-digit kills. Any thought of a comeback from Among Us was erased as Motivate.Trust started strong and never looked back. They ended the game with yet another 50 total team kills.

So where does Motivate.Trust go from here?

Top Teams Take Charge

Finally, we go to the Europe & CIS region. We mentioned earlier that of the 10 teams participating, and Team Liquid got a Playoff Invite. The means that they immediately proceeded to the Playoffs. As it turns out, there’s a reason why they got that advantage, as it was these two teams that eventually met in the Grand Final.

Now, during the recently concluded ESL One Germany 2020, Liquid had beaten on the way to winning the championship. However, in this one it seems things were not that easy for Liquid.

In the first game, Liquid secured the victory in just under 30 minutes. returned the favor in the second game and completely dominated Liquid. The third game had both teams trying to get that advantage. With the hero Medusa on their side, eventually secured the win, and with it, were a win away from the championship.

In the fourth game, Liquid had a good start, managing to get initial kills. didn't take any chances and fought to get the lead and eventually claim the victory.

Without a doubt, the Europe & CIS regions has some of the top teams in the Dota 2 esports scene. It’s good that for this tournament, other teams were given the chance to participate. We’re excited to see what happens next for this region.

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